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What's New on Netflix: Between December 4th and 10th

Check out what are the news that will arrive on Netflix during the 4th and 10th of December!

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The first weekend of December arrives with everything on Netflix. In addition to the expected Christmas content as usual for the season, we will also have news, including the documentary about rapper Emicida, and the series that narrates events in the trajectory of American singer Selena Gomes.

Day 4

Mank - netflix news december 2020
Mank – What's New on Netflix December 2020
  • mank
  • Bombay Rose
  • Christmas Under Fire
  • Captain Underpants – Happy Meganatal 
  • 9 lives of Leyla
  • Selena: The Series
  • Big Mouth: Season 4
  • kings of johannesburg
  • Brava Benie

On the 4th, we will have content related to Christmas, with the “meganatal” special by Captain Underpants. But what is really worth highlighting on the day is the premiere of mank which tells the backstage of the production of Citizen Kane. And also for fans of Pop singer Selena Gomes, an opportunity to get even closer to the singer, with the debut of Selena: The series, which will tell a little about the singer's trajectory towards success.

Day 5

Detention netflix - netflix news in december 2020
Detention Netflix – What's New in Netflix December 2020
  • Mighty Express: Christmas in full swing 
  • detention

While on the 4th we will have a lot of news, the 5th will be a little more discreet, on Saturday we will have more content related to Christmas, from Mighty Express for the kids. But it won't just be Christmas specials on netflix news during December 5th, for horror lovers, we will have Detention an original netflix horror series.


Dc super hero girls - netflix news december 2020
DC Super Hero Girls – What's New on Netflix December 2020
  • The Boy in the Mirror
  •  isolates
  • Hope is the Last to Die
  • Trust me
  • Little Love Dictionary 2
  • Diva
  • DC Super Hero Girls: Season 1

On the other hand, unlike the 5th, on Sunday the 6th we will have content for all tastes, from animated series of heroes with DC Super Hero Girls, a series focused on the heroines of DC Comics. to national content with the film Esperança é a Última que dies. Even romantic comedy with Little Love Dictionary 2 released in 2015.

Day 7

100 days my prince - netflix news in december 2020
100 Days My Prince – What's New on Netflix December 2020
  • Tattoo
  • 100 Days My Prince

On the day we will have more national content entering the Netflix catalogue, this time it will be the film Tattoo check out the trailer on here. But we can't run out of series, we're also going to have 100 Days my Prince, one of the most successful Korean dramas.

Day 8

Emicida: AmarElo – What's New on Netflix in December 2020
  • Emicida: AmarElo – It's All for Yesterday 
  • Super Monsters: Helping Santa Claus
  • Spirit – Riding Free: Ride with Us 
  • Professor Iglesias: Part 3

More Christmas content with Super Monsters for the kids to have fun… on the 8th it is worth highlighting the film/documentary by rapper Emicida, in which he explores the production of the AmarElo studio project and the history of Brazilian black culture in the last 100 years.

Day 9

  • Skyscraper: Unlimited Courage
  • The Incredible Story of the Isle of Roses
  • Ana and Bruno
  • Ashley Garcia: A for Love: Christmas 
  • The Big Show Show: Christmas
  • Innovative Surgeons

The Rock arrives on the 9th with Skyscraper, another breathtaking film by one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood today, but it is also worth highlighting the Innovative Surgeons series. After all, we all really like a hospital series, don't we? So without a doubt you will like Innovative Surgeons, who reflect on the life and profession they chose. 

10th day

Alice in bonderland - live action netflix
Alice in Bonderland – Live action Netflix
  • Be careful what you wish
  • when no one sees
  • Alice in Borderland 

The otakus have not been forgotten! on December 10th, among the news on the platform we will have Alice in Borderland, a live-action series based on the manga of the same name. The series will be directed by the same director as GantZ's Live Action.

Anyway, What do you think of the news on Netflix for this first weekend in December?

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