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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Global Version Official

Xiaomi Smartband gains Global version!

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The Chinese Xiaomi launched the global version of its newest Smart band, the Mi Band 5. After many rumors, the global edition of the Mi Band 5 was finally made official by the company, and even with some improvements over its predecessor, it does not convinced users very well.

The announcement

After some rumors, Xiaomi announced in a broadcast held on 07/15, it finally made official the launch of the global version of the Mi Band 5. Which is nothing more than a simplified version of the one already marketed in Chinese territory. The bracelet brings some novelties in relation to its previous ones, but what really stands out is the absence of technologies already awaited by users of the company, who ended up being disappointed.

The appearance of the bracelet is the same as the version already seen in China, that is, new features are present in its interior and in its features. Regarding the price, the Chinese version can be bought at amazon for 288 reais, and as the global version is simpler compared to the Chinese version, it is to be expected that it will be more affordable.

the news

Among the novelties of the Mi Band 5, in its global version compared to its predecessor, it is worth noting:

  • Magnetic Charging: One of the complaints was exactly about charging the bracelet, which became something even inconvenient, which Xiaomi is very successful in bringing to its new bracelet the possibility of Magnetic charging, which connects to the bracelet.
Xiaomi mi band 5 global version
Magnetic Charging/ Mi Band 5 Xiaomi: Disclosure
  • 11 Sport Modes: More than a novelty, an improvement over the previous one, with 5 more sports modes.
  • Monitoring Accuracy: Cardiac monitoring has been improved as well, with about 50% more accurate. Consequently, it also improves sleep monitoring.
  • Women's Health Monitoring: The bracelet will also have features aimed at women's health, tracking menstrual cycles and ovulation periods.

Mi Band 5 Disappointments Global Version

But not everything is new, the company's users were also disappointed with the global version, which is a simplified version of the one already released in China.

  • NFC: Unlike the version marketed in China, the global version of the Mi Band 5 will not support NFC technology that assists in payment.
  • oximeter: In the same way as the absence of the NFC, it will also not have the Oximeter, which measures the oxygenation of the Blood.
  • Virtual Assistants: Another feature missing from Xiaomi's Mi Band 5 is compatibility with virtual assistants such as Amazon's Alexa.

What is expected is that Xiaomi is saving such important features for the Mi Band 5 Pro, however what the company presents may not be enough to make those who already have a Mi Band 4 make an exchange, which can affect the initial sales of the Bracelet in its global version.

The Great Success of the Predecessor

Xiaomi's Mi Band 4 was a resounding success, even being considered the best-selling garment in the world! But this is not just the merit of the Mi band 4, after all since the launch of the original Mi Band its sales have always dominated the follow-up. Each new edition that comes out, surpassing the sales of the predecessor.

And this is exactly an obstacle and also a goal for Xiaomi, to make the Mi Band 5, renamed by the company as Mi Smart Band 5 manage to beat the success of its predecessor. To give you an idea, the Mi Band 4 needed only 8 days to sell more than 1 million units. As well as, what for its predecessors took a few months, or days (Mi band 3, the mark was beaten in 17 days.)

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