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InuYasha sequel confirmed for 2020!

The project will be set a few years after the end of the anime!

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Fans of one of the great classic anime InuYasha have something to celebrate (!?) because a sequel to the anime has been announced! The project name is Hanyo no Yashahime, and will be supervised by the author during the project.

The anime will be produced by the studio SUNRISE, who was responsible for the animation of Code Geass, but when will it come out? According to the information, the anime is scheduled for this year, more precisely for the October season!

The Plot Behind the InuYasha Sequel

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The story will revolve around the daughters of the protagonists InuYasha and Kagome and also her brother Sesshomaru. And the plot will take place around the fact that Sesshomaru's daughter sisters are separated when young, in an incident where one of them ends up in the human world. With their reunion only after 10 years, and the sister who stayed in the spirit world doesn't remember the sister lost in the human world. Where enters the daughter of InuYasha who goes with her cousin to venture into this world.

About InuYasha

InuYasha is a manga series that follows the protagonist who shares the name of the anime, published by Weekly Shonen Sunday during November 13, 1996 until June 18, 2008, with a total of 56 volumes published.

The work received an anime adaptation, produced by sunrise that had its premiere on October 6, 2000 and its last episode aired on September 13, 2004, totaling 167 episodes. And almost 5 years later it received a continuation to close the story, with the name InuYasha: Kanketsu-hen with 22 episodes. All anime is available on Prime Video as well as the movies.

The story revolves around Kagome, who is sucked down a well inside a temple, and ends up in feudal Japan. There she revives InuYasha who was sealed in a tree. Sealed by a priestess, 50 years ago (in the time of the world they are in) with an appearance exactly the same as Kagome, who was the priestess responsible for protecting a jewel called the jewel of the 4 souls.

And as Kagome is the reincarnation of this priestess, she brings with her from the “real” world the jewel that the Youkai desire. But the jewel ends up being broken and its fragments scattered everywhere, each fragment being capable of giving a lot of power to whoever possesses it. So Kagome and InuYasha go on an adventure with the purpose of collecting all the fragments. So that these are not used by someone with bad intentions.

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