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The New Mutants – Will the movie come out now?

The release of the film has already become a true soap opera!

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The movie “The New Mutants” has been given a new release date, but will it finally come out? According to the newspaper The Hollywood Reporter, finally the New Mutants movie received a new release date. The film seemed to be forgotten in the drawer, after finally receiving a fixed screening date, all the problems of the pandemic came and the film went back to the drawer.

The new release date that the film has received is still for that year, more precisely for the 28th of August. The information came from Disney itself this Wednesday.

In this way, with this information, the rumor that the movie, of the mutants would skip the movie theaters and go directly to Disney's Streaming service, the Disney+.

The New Mutants and Their Troubled Release

The last film related to the X-Men universe, produced by the former rights holder of the franchise, Fox. As the company was purchased by Disney, the movie that has not yet been released became the responsibility of the company as well.

The X-mens spin-off, which was titled The New Mutants, has been ready since 2017, and after so many postponements, it looks like it will finally be released in theaters. Let's go for a little timeline.

  • The New Mutants was announced in May 2015.
  • The film began pre-production in April 2017.
  • The recordings started in July and ended in September, even in 2017.

the postponements

And from there began the novel of the Launch of the new mutants. With the film already in the works since late 2017, its first release date has been set for April 13, 2018 but it was delayed. With the first postponement, the new date was left for February 23, 2019. However, this time the film was not postponed again, to August 2, 2019 with rumors that the film would go through some reshoots… But nothing has been proven and such reshoots never happened. And it wasn't this time either, the film received a new postponement to this year in April 3 but due to the pandemic and with all cinemas closed it didn't happen.

And finally here we are with another new date, August 28, 2020 will it come out now? The fact that Disney still insists on releasing the film to theaters, indicates that the company believes in the box office revenue of the film, because otherwise it could only launch directly on Disney Plus.

About The New Mutants

The New Mutants will be the first horror-themed movie in the X-Men universe. The film's story will revolve around five young mutants who are confined in a secret facility after discovering their abilities. They will need to fight to escape from there, and from their pasts.

The film has well-known names in its cast, from actors highlighted in Game of Thrones, to actors from Netflix's Stranger Things. Check out the trailer below:

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