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5 Different Ways for the World to End in a Short Time

Events that could lead to the end of humanity

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That the world will end is not news to anyone, but now what remains to be known is when and how this will happen. And because there are always new predictions for the end of the world, so today I came to bring you 5 different ways that can really extinguish life on earth.

Every now and then life on earth is always going extinct, one that became well known was that of the dinosaurs. To this day, the real reason for the mass extinction of the dinosaurs is still unknown, but the most acceptable theory is the fall of a 15-kilometer meteor on Earth.

1 - A Meteor Falls

Ways of the world to end - meteor
Simulation of a Meteor fall

As we were already talking about this subject when mentioning the dinosaurs, why not start by saying that another meteor could fall and end up with humans? Every now and then astronomers reveal that a giant meteor will pass or has passed close to Earth.

The fall of a meteor would cause unimaginable proportions to human life, being able to kill millions or even billions of people in a few seconds.

In addition to killing virtually all human life in a short time, those left would hardly survive the drastic climate change that would happen on the planet.

2 – A Hypervirus

5 different ways for the world to end in a short time - ways for the world to end virus
Virus – Illustrative Image

As we know, the world is currently experiencing a pandemic that is affecting millions of people and killing thousands.

As we know, it is easy to transmit, now imagine if a much more lethal Pandemic than it had that same facility to transmit? We were screwed, the examples of lethal viruses that humanity has already passed we have the black Plague.

But now imagine if it is a disease that until today no one has found a cure like HIV? As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to end humanity. After all, in a way, human life is quite fragile and susceptible to both diseases and climatic variations.

3 - Nuclear Confrontation

5 different ways for the world to end in a short time - ways for the world to end nuclear war
illustration of a nuclear explosion over a city

There have already been two major wars in the world, World War I and World War II. These wars happened dozens of years ago, where the world didn't even have much war power.

Nowadays the war power of countries like the USA, Russia and China is enough to scare anyone, now imagine what would happen to humanity if countries like these entered into a nuclear confrontation? This hypothesis is frightening. Since only two of the first nuclear bombs used in WWII did so much damage... And the fact of knowing that the current ones are much more powerful than they are really to be worried about and it could be a way for the world to end!

4 – Supervolcanoes

5 different ways for the world to end in a short time - ways for the world to end super volcano
illustration of a super volcano

One of the volcanoes responsible for doing a lot of damage when it erupted was Krakatoa, what if I told you that there are volcanoes much more powerful than it?

Evidence reveals that there are supervolcanoes whose mouth could easily fit a small city inside.

These Supervolcanoes can reach 30 to 60km, indications reveal that the yellowstone, located in the USA was right on top of a Supervolcano. This same volcanoes in Yellowstone has erupted 4 times in the last 2 million years, the last one was 640,000 years ago.

5 - Global Warming

5 – global warming
Illustration Global Warming

You've probably heard of global warming by now. As we know, the world is heating up more and more, and it is clear that it will heat up to a level that we will no longer be able to withstand.

Not so much we humans, after all, we will be able to use our intelligence in order to circumvent the heat… But what about plants? The glaciers? The animals? An aggravation in the situation of the terrestrial climate, can end up resulting in an environmental imbalance causing scarcity of resources that for us is fundamental for survival!

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