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8 Amazing facts about Netflix

The company is known all over the world, but do you know how and when it came into being?

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Everyone knows Netflix, but do you really know yourself? Check out 8 Amazing Amazing Facts About Netflix

Netflix is the largest provider of movies and series in the world, the company has managed to innovate the way we consume this type of content and more than deserves to be the largest in the business. Everyone knows what Netflix is, what it offers and produces, but no one knows everything about something. With that in mind, check out 8 amazing facts about Netflix now!

Netflix trivia

Compiled with 8 curiosities about Netflix, related to its initial history, how it became what it is today, but also about its link with Brazil!

1. Older than Google!

As incredible as it may seem, Netflix is older than technology giant Google. While Netflix was “born” in 1997, Google only emerged a year later, in 1998. Therefore, Netflix is a year older than one of the most valuable companies in the world and one of the most influential in terms of technology.

2. Purchase Opportunity

Netflix as we know it today might not have existed, did you know that? In the year 2000 a purchase proposal was offered to the blockbuster (For a certain moment in history, it was the largest video and game store in the world!). The offer was for 50 million dollars, however the offer was turned down. A great missed opportunity isn't it? Netflix is still going strong today, while Blockbuster declared bankruptcy in 2010.

3. Arrival in Brazil

Netflix is so widespread in Brazil today, it only arrived in the country in 2011! With a monthly fee of R$ 14.99, Netflix arrived in Brazil with a vast amount of movies, series and documentaries in its catalog.

4. Number of Genres

I don't know you but I'm sure one day you sat on your couch in front of Netflix decided to watch something... But you spent hours sitting looking for something to watch and couldn't choose something. Well, it's really not easy to choose something, even more so because she has in her catalog more than 290 different genres of content.

5. First Brazilian series

The first Brazilian series produced by Netflix was 3% created by Pedro Aguilera. 3% arrived at Netflix in November 2016, although it is not the first Brazilian content in the catalog, it is the first Brazilian series produced exclusively for Netflix!

6. Switching to Digital

Among the Curiosities about Netflix we have the great historical change of the company. Initially, Netflix was a company that rented and sold DVD's, but unlike the normal rental companies it operated through the post office. In 2005 it changed its performance and entered the Internet, always with innovation in its operation, the big change in its history was when it entered digital streaming. From the moment he made this change, the number of subscribers rose exponentially, and they continue to rise to this day.

7. Dissatisfied with the Legend?

It is possible to make several modifications to the Subtitles, including:

  • Change font size.
  • Change Color.
  • Change the shading, and transparency.

8. Adult Content?

Netflix has adult content hidden in its catalog. But there's no need to worry about your kids accidentally, or even purposefully look around and watch something inappropriate. This is because the platform has excellent parental control.

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