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Amazon Prime: 6 Reasons to Subscribe Now!

Still in doubt, whether or not you signed up for Amazon Prime, check out now reasons not to waste time and sign right now!

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Amazon is one of the biggest technology companies today, the company built in Jeff Bezos' garage with the name thinking about the Amazon River, with the goal of being the largest river in the world, which he achieved. It has become the largest e-commerce in the world, including making its creator the richest man in the world.

But it did not become the best in the world overnight, there are several factors for Amazon to be this giant today, among them is its subscription plan, Amazon Prime. At an affordable price, platform customers have access to a large number of advantages and products. Anyway, check out the reasons to subscribe to Amazon Prime right now!

1. Prime Deliveries with Free Shipping

The first big benefit of being an Amazon Prime subscriber is undoubtedly related to Amazon's main idea, e-commerce! Prime members have numerous advantages in the store, including:

  • Exclusive Offers;
  • Prime Deliveries;
  • Free shipping;

All these benefits can be easily used, just look for the Prime seal when buying a product. If you prefer, you can also, at the time of the search, use the available filter mechanisms and select the Prime option.

In addition to the offer being exclusive, it has the free shipping, but not only that, it also has the Prime Delivery. Depending on which region of the country you reside, delivery is very fast! From 2 working days your order may be reaching you.

To take advantage of these benefits even more, keep an eye on the Daily Deals. There every day products on sale with all the above advantages are made available.

2. Amazon Prime Video

With a vast catalog, Amazon also has a Streaming service, called Amazon Prime Video. Recently, Amazon has been investing heavily in original productions, which have been falling into the public's taste, great successes such as the boys, Good Omens and The Man in The High Castle. Not long ago, Amazon Prime Video in terms of content was second only to Netflix.

But with several streamings emerging, from HBO, disney, etc., all streams had losses in their catalogs, which greatly affected both Prime and Netflix. Therefore, they have been investing more and more in original productions.

3. Free E-Book with Prime Reading

Amazon manufactures a number of devices, including the Kindle an excellent e-book reader. far beyond the Kindle Unlimited, subscription service where multiple e-books are won, another way to get more and more e-books is with Prime Reading, Science Fiction, Novels, comics, Magazines, etc.

Prime Reading is included in the Amazon subscription, in this "streaming" of e-books, you have access to hundreds of content to read on any device, without needing a Kindle, you can read both on iOS and Android.

4. Prime Music

Everyone likes to listen to music, whether it's to cheer up while doing work, exercising, or relaxing. And Amazon has a platform similar to Spotify, called Prime Music. Although unlike Amazon Prime Video, as a prime subscriber you do not have full access to the service because of the subscription.

However, being a Prime subscriber still gives you some advantages on the platform, among them are:

  • No Ads.
  • Unlimited Playback.
  • Download to listen offline.

To access all the benefits of Prime Music, you need to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, but you don't need to do so initially. The platform has 3 months free, with which you can evaluate whether or not it is worth continuing with the subscription.

5. Prime Gaming

Finally, Amazon Prime subscribers get tons of free games every month with no monthly fee increases! Called Prime Gaming, Amazon has a platform dedicated to gaming. In it every month games are made available for subscribers to play for free, just redeem them.

In addition to the games, several exclusive content from famous games are also offered, Skins, Loot Box, etc.

6. Subscription Price!

Anyway, some of the main reasons to subscribe to Amazon Prime are listed above. And there are several, which makes you believe that the subscription price would be something out of the ordinary, isn't it? That's where it is! No, the biggest attraction of this subscription is exactly its price, which is very affordable!

To subscribe, and have all these advantages, you only need to pay R$ 9.90 per month, or if you prefer the annual plan, it costs only R$ 89.00. Not satisfied yet? The platform also has a 1-month free trial option!

Now convinced with all the benefits of subscribing to Amazon Prime? Get more details and subscribe on here.

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