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Raya and the Last Dragon Now Available on Disney+

Film has arrived in the Disney+ catalog!

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This week, the movie Raya and the Last Dragon was finally released to all Disney+ subscribers, and have you been watching? If you haven't watched it yet, I don't recommend reading this article, because you will surely get a lot of spoilers, warning given, so let's go.

In case you didn't already know, when movies are released on Disney+, there's a fee you have to pay to watch. This fee obviously goes beyond the subscription price, this is certainly to cover the cost of a session in theaters.

Good, but what if I have a Disney+ subscription and don't want to pay the fee or go to theaters to watch the platform's releases? You'll have the movie available to watch without the fee about two months after its theatrical release.

Raya and the Last Dragon, Movie Summary

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I could simply summarize the movie in just one word, which would be confidence, and you will understand as you read why.

The movie Raya and the Last Dragon, which is now available to all Disney+ subscribers, begins by telling the story of the city of Kumandra. In this city there were several dragons that by the way lived in harmony with humans, but a terrible plague arose in that place.

This plague had the power to take the lives of both dragons and humans, turning everyone to stone. After turning everyone to stone, only 5 dragons were left, where four of them gave up all their magic and created a sphere.

These four entrusted this sphere to their fifth sister, Sisu, who by the way managed to end the plague and bring humans back. Yes, for some reason only humans returned and not dragons, Sisu fell into a deep sleep after managing to end the plague.

Kumandra Turned 5 Kingdoms

With the disappearance of dragons, humans stopped living in harmony and the emergence of 5 Kingdoms that lived fighting each other happened. However, I want to tell you that the Disney+ movie Raya and the Last Dragon takes place 500 years after the extermination of the plague.

One of these five realms was responsible for taking care of the sphere that ended the plague that existed in that place. And leader of that realm that looked after the sphere had a dream that all five would unite again and Kumandra would be restored.

In a meeting with the 5 kingdoms, the worst ended up happening, they fought each other over the sphere and it ended up breaking. The result of this was the resurgence of the plague that went out turning everyone to stone again, and despair ravaged all the realms.

Raya is the princess of one of these kingdoms who is now going on a quest through the 5 kingdoms of kumandra, and what would that mission be? Collect all the pieces of the sphere so you can bring back everyone who turned to stone, including your father who ended up being affected by the plague. However, Raya ended up losing trust in the people of the other realms and now she, for reasons of fate, will find people and have them.

Anyway, if you want to know more information about this amazing movie, I recommend you run right now and watch it, no more spoilers lol.


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