Why Didn't Steve Rogers Appear In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier?

Why didn't Steve Rogers appear in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier?

Series about the new Captain America without Captain America?

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series has come to an end and to the sadness of many Steve Rogers didn't show up, so he died? Some believe so, while others believe not, but we cannot deny that this curiosity intrigues us a lot.

At the end of Avengers: Endgame we saw an elderly Steve Rogers pass the shield to Falcon and that left me confused. How did Steve get old and how did he vote for that reality when we didn't see him come back from the time jump?

If we had seen Steve come back from the jump at an advanced age, we could imagine that he lived his whole life and came back old. But he appeared sitting nearby, which suggests that that Steve has always been in that reality and is not the one who fought in Endgame.

Because he appeared in Endgame at an advanced age, many people believe that Steve Rogers is dead, but is it really?

Why didn't Steve Rogers appear in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier?

To the sadness of many, I need to tell you that the Chris Evans contract that is Steve Rogers has ended with Marvel. And we have to accept that he won't appear in movies again, unless someone has some memory of him.

Steve Rogers' cycle as Captain America has already ended and I don't see any reason for Steve's appearance anymore, or is it not? As a Marvel fan, I have little hope of seeing The Falcon go talk to the elderly Steve Rogers, perhaps to ask for advice.

A lot of people were even waiting for this scene to happen in the series, of the Falcon going to ask Steve for advice, but it didn't happen. Others suggested that at the end of the series we would see a post-credits scene of Falcon going to Steve's grave, but that didn't happen either.

Is Steve on the moon?

Is steve on the moon?
Image: Reproduction/Steve Rogers

In the series we saw two different people say that Steve Rogers would be on the moon, but how far can this story be real? What if some secret organization that Steve makes decided to set up a base on the moon so they can observe what's going on on earth?

At first this might seem crazy, but maybe Marvel is already introducing something related to the moon that we'll see over the course of their releases.

Marvel has already introduced time travel and alternate reality, it would be easy for them to bring back Steve or even Iron Man. But as the films went on, the contracts with these actors ended up getting too high, it would be unfeasible to keep them in your films.

Not to mention that the actors themselves have already shown a willingness to terminate their respective contracts and focus on their own projects. With the exception we have the Chris Hemsworth, who has already said that he wants to continue being Thor and if it depends on him, he will always be.


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