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Coin Master: 7 Tips to Succeed in the Game!

Get ahead of your friends with the best Coin Master tips

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Check out some “gold” tips to do well playing Coin Master! Tips to maximize your income by earning as much gold and spins as possible.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest phenomena today is Coin Master. The smartphone game, even with a simple proposal, won the hearts of not only children, but young people and adults. But how to succeed in Coin Master? See tips for not falling behind, in relation to your friends, not suffering too many attacks and becoming the master of coins in Coin Master!

1. Don't Keep Gold Coins!

The first, and perhaps one of the most important tips for doing well at Coin Master is Don't Save Gold!

As strange as it may seem, it is not and it makes perfect sense. Never keep your gold, don't hoard, with ideas like, I'll save the gold to improve everything at once. The main objective of the game is to build your village, and improve it using gold coins to the maximum, in order to advance to the next village.

Maybe you choose at some point to accumulate them to improve everything at once, it doesn't pay off. After all, at some point your village will be attacked and your coins stolen. But if you don't have any coins, they won't have anything to steal.

2. The Pet Makes Total Difference!

If you're just starting the game, you don't have any pets available yet, but don't worry as soon as you reach the fourth village of Coin Master this function will be available. Once you get there you will have 3 Pets to choose from, unfortunately you can only keep one active at a time. Check out which pets are, and their effects:

pet / petOccupation
FoxyBonus when digging the fourth hole in a raid, ensuring you always earn the most coins.
tigerBonus when attacking Villages, even if the village has Shields
rhinoDefense bonus, defending from attacks with greater efficiency.
Pets Coin Master and its functions

Now that we know the effect of each pet, the Tip for getting along in Coin Master reflects which one applies most to your player profile. If you're a player who can't, or aren't always opening and playing and playing, the ideal choice would be Rhino!

If you found it very unlucky, then Tiger would be ideal, or if you can attack quite well, Foxy would be ideal. Anyway, among the tips, this is the one that most depends on each person, on each one's profile, but don't choose randomly.

pets coin master game
Pets Coin Master

Always keep the Pet Active!

Try to keep your Pet active as long as possible! As soon as you activate your pet, they will evolve according to use, but that doesn't mean it will be active all the time. If he is not fed, he will sleep, and with that the effect will wear off.

How to get food? Every 24 hours you will receive a meal. However, it is not enough, as he will be hungry sooner, so you need to get some extra food. They can be done in three ways: buying with money in the in-game store, spinning the machine but it's very rare to come, and the last way is through special in-game events, so keep an eye out for events!

3. Always be on the lookout for Events!

Reinforcing, always stay tuned for events! After all, the only way you can “rival” with someone who invests money in Coin Master is to make the most of the events, I would say that this is the main one among all the Tips listed here.

Events tend to appear with a certain frequency, in which sometimes depending on luck, or by fulfilling some requirements, large amounts of Spins and Gold are won. These amounts are much higher than what you would normally get playing, so events are key to getting ahead of your friends. or try to rival anyone who invests real money.

4. Link Facebook in Coin Master

It is essential that you log in with your Facebook account in Coin Master. Most likely, most people have already made this integration, but a good portion of players have not yet!

Why is this link essential? Because Coin Master at its core is a social game, and connecting with facebook will bring you benefits on a daily basis. Even if it's not great the benefits per day in the long run is of great help.

After linking your facebook account, if you have friends on the social network who are playing Coin Master, you can send each other some free spins and coins daily. The more facebook friends playing, the more coins and spins you can earn per day.

5. Daily Rewards

As usual in mobile games, Coin Master also has a daily bonus system. But for those who have just started, this option will not be available yet, so don't worry about letting it go, but when you release it, be sure to use it!

When turning the wheel daily bonus you will earn a nice reward in gold coins, which is essential for the advancement of your village. Every 24 hours you'll get a free spin, so don't forget to spin your roulette wheel every day.

In addition to the daily bonus roulette, as soon as you go up to Village 11, you will be released Rewards Calendar, always remember to enter, every day you will earn rewards, varying from day to day, sometimes spins, sometimes Gold, or chests of cards. You always have to redeem it, otherwise it will be left, and the first prize is always the “worst”.

6. Collectible Cards

Coin master trading cards
Coin Master collectible cards

Another very frequent element in mobile games also present in Coin Master are the collectible cards, but what does that have to do with whether or not you do well in the game and why is it among the Tips?

Well, there's the fun part of having something to collect, not to mention the satisfaction of being able to complete it, and it's exactly in completing this collection that the advantage lies! When you complete a collection you are rewarded with extra spins and coins!

7. Prioritize Subir de Vila!

It may seem obvious because it is the main objective of the game. Linked to the first of these tips for doing well in Coin Master, never save Gold, always invest in your village so you won't get looted, and quickly advance from villages.

Every time you advance from village you will earn bonuses, some coins, extra spins and letters! Which literally will help in almost all the tips here, being of great help.

Bonus – Extra Spins!

Spinning the wheel is by far the best way to earn Gold, the main feature of the whole game. However, the amount of daily spins is limited, and it takes a long time to come back, to maximize the amount of spins, many of these tips listed here are very useful.

However, there are external ways to earn spins in Coin Master, even though some people might think that these ways can compromise the account, so that it gets banned, there are methods that you don't take any risk. Among these methods, it is worth highlighting applications with the same balance used for Free Fire (check the article here: 15 Amazing Apps to Get Free Fire Balance), with these apps, you can get a balance on Google Play, and with that save you can buy in-game items.

But there is also another way, the Arsenal Apps website every day offers some coins and free spins in coin master, just by clicking on the link with your smartphone, your application will open, already winning the prizes. No need to link your account, or download anything, 100% safe!

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