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Coin Master Free Spins – December 2023

Click won! Links with free spins to redeem every day at Coin Master

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The question every Coin Master player asks is, how to get free spins? Coin Master is a game that has become a craze, your objective is to earn coins in order to “upgrade” items and build your village. However, to do all this, you need to spin a machine that will give you coins and actions, which make the game fun.

However, the number of spins is limited, which is why the game offers to buy more spins. But it is possible to win free spins in Coin Master. In that sense, we News Geek We are going to introduce you to methods to earn free spins on Coin Master!

The game has already surpassed 100 million downloads in February 2021. After all, who has not seen singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, rapper Cardi B and actor Terry Crews in advertisements or even in TV advertisements. Coin Master is a free mobile game. It is available on platforms android and IOS. So without further ado, check out the methods used to get free spins.

Free Spins Vest

The fastest and most effective method to get spins and coins in Coin Master, but how to do it? Simple, just click collect! These spins and coins once you click collect, your game will open and then your prizes will be received directly into your account. So without using third-party programs or Hack, ensuring the integrity of your account.

To pass even more credibility, these codes are made available by the game developer itself. All we've done here is group them, to make them more practical and easy to collect, but beware of the deadline, some expire within 2-3 days. But they will be updated daily!

As it is the developer's own code, you don't have to worry about your account, or your device's data, they are completely safe. Codes from the current day will be made available, and even 2 days ago, after all, some may still be redeemable. Anyway, below are the codes:

Today's Coin Master Free Spins & Coins

Coin Master free spins and coins December 25th

Coin Master free spins and coins December 24th

Methods to get Spins in the Game

But codes are not the only way to get free spins on Coin Master. Within the game itself it is possible to get spins. Although it might not be a very efficient way. Drawing cards, as long as it may take this method, is one of the most effective, after all, a large amount of spins are added at once.

1. Connect your Facebook account to the game

At first it's something simple, when you connect your Facebook account to the game, you are guaranteed to win 50 extra spins. That way, when you connect your account, in addition to earning extra spins/spins, you'll have advantages such as inviting friends and exchanging gifts. This will help you when attacking other villages and earning more coins.

2. Follow on social networks

And speaking of Facebook, use the social network to earn spins. Following Moon Active on social media is a good thing, as the game creators provide links to free spins. Therefore, you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter, just stay tuned.

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3. Invite friends

Previously said, you can invite Facebook friends, and each friend who accepts your invitation and starts playing through the social network, you will win up to 40 spins for free.

Free Spins - Invite Friends
Illustrative image – Coin Master Game

4. Watch advertising videos

Another way to get spins is to watch advertising videos during game breaks. Some players find it very tedious and even don't like it and ignore it, but it's a very efficient way to unlock spins, completely free.

5. Request gift

Daily it is possible to ask your friends for a gift, which in this case is to win a spin from each friend. In the same way, you can also gift your friends with a spin. In this way, you get several free spins on Coin Master.

6. Be patient

Waiting is also a way to earn spins, every 1 hour that passes the game releases 5 free spins, that is, when 10 hours pass you will have accumulated 50 spins. But remembering that the maximum limit is 50 spins.

7. Keep Playing

Interesting that when you play, the game provides spins. When you spin the machine, you will be able to win more free spins, or the action of being able to attack a village. So when attacking you can get even more spins. In addition, it is possible to earn spins when you manage to level up, unlocking a village, which in turn is by upgrading the village components.

Playing coin mater free spins
Illustrative image – Coin Master Game

8. Participate in game events

From time to time, Coin Master hosts events, which usually give players coins and spins. It's very simple, on the right side of the slot machine you will find a button. Therefore, clicking will indicate when the next events will take place.

9. Sign up to earn email spins.

Finally, the last tip to win spins is to register your email in the game. Some people don't like to register the email, for fear of “spam”, and several messages daily. However, apparently the game sends few messages, and a link will be sent daily as a gift of at least one spin. So, this can be a practical way to accumulate totally free spins.


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