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Among Us: new map, skins and Game mode.

Among Us will soon receive new content, plus a new map, new skins and a new Game Mode.

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Recently, Among Us developer InnerSloth announced that it was expanding the studio, hiring new staff, to meet the demand for new content thanks to the sudden big increase in players.

The announcement made on the developer's twitter (check below), in which we had more information about what awaits us, what news is to come.

the news

The next major update to arrive in the game promises to bring great news. Among them novelties much requested and awaited by the players, although not in the desired proportion. Anyway, check out the main news for Among Us below:

New Map: A new map will be introduced to the game, with the new map the game will then have 5 maps in total. There isn't much information about this new map, it's just been confirmed, but it's a good sign, probably more information about it will be revealed.

New conquests: although it doesn't influence the gameplay, good news for players who like new challenges and chasing achievements.

new functions: New features will come to the game, but just like the new map, the developer is keeping the feature secret.

New skins: just the way we like it! New skins are also coming, this time the big news is about visor skins. Decorate your avatar with different visors, although it may interfere with your character's vision, you will look stylish!

More players: matches will feature 15 players, an increase of 50% from the previous limit (10 players).

Graphic Improvements: the graphics will get an upgrade, but nothing that compromises the essence of the game of being able to be played literally on any cell phone or pc, with light graphics.

Anyway, these are not the only news that will arrive, of course… But they are the most relevant and deserve the most attention. Keep an eye on the game, when these updates will arrive we don't know yet... But news will arrive soon, probably this time with a date.

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About Among Us

Among Us is a real fever, available for practically all major platforms, PC, xbox, playstation, switch and mobile version. The mobile version is completely free, while the PC and console versions have a symbolic value compared to new games. Launched in 2018, but it really broke out in 2020, becoming a fever worldwide.

Check below the video with the news:

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