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Clash Royale: How to get lots of Free Gems

See all the ways to get Gems in Clash Royale to build the best Deck possible and win every match!

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Clash Royale is a game totally free for users, with virtually everything available to play at no cost. But it is possible to speed up processes within the game and get advantages with the coins that exist in it, Gold and Gems.

Gold can only be acquired in-game or by purchasing Gems, and is used to upgrade your cards, as well as buy them. On the other hand, Gems are the most valuable resource you can have in-game, they can be used to buy Gold, Chests, Create Tournaments or Speed up the opening of Chests.

However, as much as it is possible to earn Gems while playing, this amount is very low, which can end up making a player need to buy them using money... But if you are looking for gems, check below the best way to earn Gems from Free in Clash Royale! Grow fast, advance and evolve your cards, without spending anything on it.

How to Earn Gems in Clash Royale

As mentioned there is more than one way to get gems in Clash Royale. By playing you will get a certain amount, by spending money, or with external methods. As we value the security of your account, we will not list any Hacks or anything like that, only safe and effective 100% methods.

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Check below the 3 safe ways to get Gems in Clash Royale:

opening chests

clash royale chests
Clash Royale Chests

Already said, but let's go into more detail now. The easiest way to get gems in Clash Royale is by playing. After all, you'll earn them while having fun, etc. In the game you will earn gems by opening chests. Every victory grants you a small chest that will be opened every 3 hours, however, small chests don't give gems, all others do!

That way, just keep playing, and with each victory, conquering new chests, and accumulating gems with the openings! As long as you don't spend them as soon as you receive them, if you just keep accumulating them, you'll see right away that you get a good amount through this method, however long it takes.

Buying at the Store

clash royale gem shop
Clash Royale Gem Shop

The fastest and most efficient way to get gems is to buy them directly from the in-game store. As much as it is possible to acquire them in 2 other ways 100% for free, this is by far the fastest option to acquire many gems at once.

There are ways to pay less when buying gems in the store, so stay tuned for promotions! Whether it's the Play Store promotions, which with a certain frequency gives discounts on purchases, both for promotions within Clash Royale itself.

In the game, with a certain frequency, events can happen that will give either extra gems, or even doubled when purchases are made!

With Apps

As mentioned in the “Buying in the Store” topic, the most efficient way to acquire gems in Clash Royale is by purchasing them from the in-game store. This third method with apps is a way to help you buy Gems through the in-game store!

There are some apps, mostly available for Android, but there are also for iOS (iPhone) that give balance. As soon as you reach a certain amount of activities, or balance in the app, you can “withdraw” that amount, or exchange it for Gift Cards from the Google Play Store. Where, through them, you acquire balance on the Play Store, and then make the purchase of Gems in Clash Royale.

See below some of the best apps to get balance, and buy Gems in Clash Royale without compromising the security of your account:


Kwai, get paid by watching videos! | image: reproduction
Kwai, get Balance by watching videos! | Image: Reproduction

This application may even be "manjado", but there is a reason for this, its efficiency! Surely you've seen people out there sharing invite links to Kwai, and several people have made thousands of reais through it.

The application is extremely efficient when it comes to getting a balance, or mobile recharges (credit), through which you can buy Gift Cards, or Gems directly from the Clash Royale store.

How to get balance efficiently in Kwai? The first way to get a balance in the application is to register, especially if you are invited by a person, this way you will earn an initial balance, and fulfilling some requirements, such as uptime, use for certain days… you will earn more and more balance.

With the account created, you can invite friends, thus also earning more balance. But if you don't want to invite anyone, you can just watch the videos every day, by watching videos you will earn tokens, they can be exchanged for balance within the app! Below is the link to download Kwai on Android and iOS:

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You will be redirected to the official website

Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards, earn gift card with surveys!
Google Opinion Rewards, get Gift Card with Surveys! | Image: Reproduction

Don't want to waste time watching videos? Another option to get balance on the Play Store, or Gift Cards, is through Google Opinion Rewards, Google's own application, which will reward you through surveys.

It's quite simple, just install the app, sign in with your Google account, and answer surveys and questionnaires in the app. The more you do, the more you will get. Some surveys will pay better than others. Once you purchase a certain amount, just exchange it for a balance on Google Play, or for a Gift Card. With it you can buy Gems in Clash Royale, or in other games!

A tip is, open the app with a certain frequency to make sure you don't miss any surveys that may appear, especially the ones that give better rewards! Below is the link to download Google Opinion Rewards on Android and iOS.

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Quiz! Get rewards with trivia game
Quiz! Get rewards with Q&A game | Image: Reproduction.

Still in the research apps we have Quize. It works very similarly to the previous one, that is, just download the application to your smartphone. Once it's installed, just create an account, enter the requested data, and then start answering questions!

However, it has a disadvantage compared to other applications, to withdraw the amount, it is necessary to reach a minimum amount of 50 reais to make the “withdrawal”. But even with this disadvantage, this is an excellent application, after all, it will add a lot to your life, in addition to being interesting!

Several questions, at the same time as you will get balance, you will learn from the questions! Below is the link to download Quize from the official website:

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Funtap, get balance while playing
FunTap, get balance while Playing! | Image: Reproduction.

Finally, we have an app where you can get your balance by doing what we love most, playing! That's right, through FunTap, you get balance while playing. Once you install the app and create an account, you will see several games with some goals to achieve. Once these goals are met, you get balances.

Focus on the recommended games, after all they will be the ones that will bring you the most return. Meet the requirements, then exchange your balance for a Gift Card from the Play Store to buy Gems in Clash Royale, or items in any game in your Google library! Below is the link to download FunTap available only for Android:

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Anyway, these are just some of the many apps to get balance that exist, below check out a list of 15 similar apps:

Bonus: Gift Card Generator

I said there would be 3 methods, but there is a fourth. This method consists of using a Gift Card generator to get balance on the Play Store. However, this is a method with a low efficiency. Your account will be 100% safe, no need to worry.

But its low efficiency is due to the generator's chance of success. What is a generator? It is nothing more than a program that will generate Gift Card codes randomly, and you will try to redeem them in the Play Store. The chances of a code working are low, however, they do exist!

Below I'll leave the link to a Gift Card code generator, (Note as much as it's in a content about Free Fire, the goal is still the same, and the codes too!)

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Anyway, these are the best ways to get free Gems in Clash Royale! Hope it was helpful and enlightening! For more information about mobile games, tips, and to stay up to date on the Nerd world, click the yellow bell on the left to receive all site updates! That way, you'll stay on top of new guides that come out here!

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