Will Spider-Man: No Return Home Set a Box Office Record?

Will Spider-Man: No Coming Home be a Box Office Record?

Hype on the film promises it to be a huge box office success!

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With each passing day, the Hype only increases to watch the Spider-Man 3 movie, or simply, "No Return Home", many fans are already saying that this movie has everything to break the world cinema box office record, but really?

Recalling that the current or current films that generated the most box office in theaters around the world were Avengers: Endgame and avatar. I mentioned these two films because both have a very similar box office, around 2.8 Billion Dollars, there is a minimal difference between them.

To this day, no one knows for sure which earned more in theaters, some say it was Endgame and others say it was Avatar.

Spider-Man: No Return Home Gets Hot Pre-Sale

Yesterday ticket sales started to see Spider-Man movie 3 and the box office of cinemas in many countries is full. To tell you the truth, some reputable sites are saying that it's getting more demand than the Avengers: Endgame movie.

As Endgame is at the top of the biggest box office in the world, many already take for granted No Return Home to be a box office record. This high demand for tickets to see this movie is generating a phenomenon that ranges from absurd to very funny.

Many people who purchased tickets at the beginning of the “queue” are reselling them at very absurd prices, both in Brazil and in other countries. To give you an idea, Twitter users pointed to a bid on eBay that cost around US$ 25,000.

Movie premiere date

Photo/illustration: spider-man: no way home
Photo/illustration: Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Coming Home is scheduled to premiere on December 17th, that is, in just over two weeks. Well, fans of "Miranha", the time to kill curiosity and know if we will have the arrival of other "Spider-Men" is coming.

Many already take it for granted that we will have Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, but we still don't have anything 100% confirmed, just unofficial leaks. These leaks even showed a photo of Tom, Tobey and Andrew together, however, we have to wait for the movie to arrive to know if they were real.

Will this be Tom Holland's last Spider-Man movie?

Tom has already revealed that he did not want to play the character after he was 30, currently he is still 25. However, many said that despite this, he was deciding that this would be his last movie playing the character, he would take a "break". .

However, it was recently confirmed that Sony would produce at least three more Hero movies along with the MCU. That is, it is very likely that Tom will continue to play the hero in theaters. But if that doesn't happen, the multiverse has already been introduced in the MCU and they would probably bring a Spider-Man from another reality, with another actor.


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