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Hitman: Absolution for free for PC – Limited Time!

Game is free on Epic Games, redeem your copy now!

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What usually causes discouragement in game lovers is their price, but for fans of the series hitman, I have good news, because Limited time the game of the franchise Hitman: Absolution is free for PC!

The Hitman game franchise has a legion of fans, and in addition to the fans, it also captivates the curiosity of new players who sometimes don't play because they can't buy. But during this period of quarantine, gamers are managing to kill their curiosities with some games being distributed for free, or with excellent promotions that have been taking place.

These offers include games distributed free of charge by companies such as game producers, or stores such as Epic Games. This time the offer comes from GOG, which is distributing the Hitman franchise game for free.

How to Download and Install Hitman: Absolution for Free?

Without many secrets, the entire process to redeem your copy of Hitman: Absolution for free is similar to what is done weekly through Epic Games. Just go to the website of gog.com and if you don't have an account, create one, which is very simple and can even be done through your facebook account.

Login to gog. With
gog.com account login screen

Once the user has their account connected, just click on the Magnifying Glass to open the Search bar located at the top of the platform, and search for the game: Hitman: Absolution (or use this link). And once you are on the game page, just click on “Go to Donation”, as in the image below.

How to get hitman: absolution for free
GOG Games

Once clicked on it, the game will be added to your game library forever! No game time restrictions, play dates or anything similar. The only existing deadline is to acquire the copy, which will until June 15th at 10 am, in other words, don't leave it for later!

After redeeming your free copy of Hitman: Absolution for PC. It's yours forever, but if you choose to install and play it, just install the GOG Launcher, GOG Galaxy, choose the directory on your PC and install the game.

Other Hitman Franchise Games on GOG

In addition to Hitman: Absolution, there are 4 other games in the franchise available for sale on the platform, and the best is with a good promotion. The games available are:

  • 1 - Hitman: Codename 47 (2000).
  • two - Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (2002).
  • 3 - Hitman 3: Contracts (2004).
  • 4 - Hitman: Blood Money (2006).

Both four games are discounted at 80%! Which becomes an excellent opportunity to play all the first 5 games in the franchise.

In addition to the opportunity to purchase the first 5 games of the Hitman franchise, including Absolution being free, on GOG another franchise that is is The Witcher! Where for only R$ 37.77, you can buy all 3 games in the franchise.

Anyway… Did you like the promotion? Is it still expensive? Are you aware of any other good promotions? Comment here about them, and remember to share this information with that friend who likes the Hitman Franchise like me!

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