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The 5 Biggest Animals on Planet Earth

The largest ever discovered and cataloged on the entire planet!

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Hey guys, beauty? Today I'm here bringing you another article of curiosity, I'm going to talk a little about the biggest animals on planet earth. It is not new that the planet earth inhabits huge animals, the proof of this is that from time to time, we always find huge bones of animals such as dinosaurs.

Speaking of Dinosaurs, what if they weren't extinct, would human life evolve? There is a difficult answer to know, most likely not and if it had been evolved, life would not be as it is today.

5 - Giraffe

Giraffe – The 5 Biggest Animals on Planet Earth

The giraffe is an animal that lives exclusively in Africa, we find these animals on other continents, but in zoos. Its can vary from 4.6 to 6.1 meters, all this height is because of its huge and long neck. However, we are only at the first animal on this list of the largest animals on planet earth.

The giraffe has some things that we can only find on them, like the brown spots that are present all over their body. Remembering that they can weigh from 750 kilos to even 1.5 tons.

4 - Elephant

African elephant

O Elephant It is also another very common animal on the African continent, it is a cousin of the Mammoth, the mammoth is already an extinct animal. The elephant is the largest animal that lives on earth, there are animals larger than him today, but they are aquatic.

You know that term often used when we remember something easily "Do you have a memory of an elephant"? This comparison occurs because the brain of this animal can weigh up to 5 kilos. Its size can vary from 3.5 meters to 7 meters and it can weigh an incredible 7 tons.

3- White Shark

White shark
Great White Shark – The Largest Animals on Earth

The shark is one of the animals that most manages to frighten the human being, many people fear entering the sea for fear of its presence. But know that he doesn't just cause fear, many people admire him, he is considered the biggest predatory fish in the world.

As an adult, it can reach up to 6 meters in height and weigh up to 2 tons, which is a lot. It is worth mentioning that generally females are always larger than males.

2 – Giant Squid

Giant squid

The squid is an animal that lives in the depths of the oceans, the largest animal of this species ever found, measuring an incredible 21 meters. However, as we can see, it is not for nothing that this animal is on this list of the largest animals on planet earth. But despite these incredible 21 meters in length, this squid that has already been found weighed only 275 kilograms.

Nowadays, these animals are normally found with 10 meters for males and 1 meters for females.

1 - Whale

Whale – Largest Animals on Planet Earth

Finally we come to the largest animal on planet earth, we are talking about the common whale, a whale can reach an incredible 27 meters weighing nothing less than 70 tons. It is no wonder that this is currently the largest animal on planet earth.

Due to the intensive hunting of this animal in the 20th century, the whale is a species that is unfortunately at risk of extinction.

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