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Why is working on the internet becoming a trend?

Migrating work to the internet is becoming a trend around the world!

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With this Pandemic plaguing the world and high unemployment, many people are looking for alternative ways to make extra money. Many people end up being bombarded with advertisements that talk about making money online, without leaving home, that is, working on the internet.

Well, if you're looking for more information about why it's growing in people wanting to work from home, check out this article.

Is It Reliable to Work on the Internet?

Is it reliable to work on the internet?
Is It Reliable to Work on the Internet? Check out How to Get Money Online.

The answer I have to give you is that it is reliable, there are even several ways. But I want to warn you about one thing, if you are a layman, be careful with the information and "Gurus" you follow, many of them want to call you to some kind of financial pyramid.

What are the ways to Make Money Online?

Despite the word "Win", know that it is not that easy, as it often requires patience and hard work. Below I will list some ways that there are for you to earn extra income or work exclusively from the internet.

Digital Product Platform

With this Pandemic, digital product platforms have gained a lot of prominence lately, but what are these platforms? It hosts digital products with E-books and Online Courses, there you can affiliate with one and sell it. Let's suppose that you joined an English course worth 200 reais and sell it to those who want to learn English, only then you would receive something around 100 reais.


FreeLancers are those people who do simple work, let's say the owner of this site needs someone to write articles as he doesn't have time to write, so he goes there and hires a FreeLancer to write.

One of the most common platforms for working in this way is the workana.


Know that it's not just about arriving and creating a blog, you have to have an audience for people to come and read your articles. With a blog you can add ads like Google AdSense and thus earn a good Extra Income.


Did you know that you can work from home on the internet using only your instagram? Know that there is and I will talk to you a little about it. As we know, instagram is a social network that is growing day by day.

Many people are selling digital products through this amazing social network, let's imagine you want to use this technique, what would you do? I would particularly go to hotmart, I would join a slimming niche product that pays me 100 reais in commission, I would start following people who want to lose weight and so I would gain followers who are interested in this product.

After a while I would start making posts and publishing stories promoting this slimming product.

Anyway, this was a short article talking a little about ways to work from home and why it's growing in people interested in the subject. Don't forget to share this article with all your friends and on all your social networks.


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My name is Ruan Henrique and I am a writer for News Geek among other sites belonging to Grupo SED. I also have a certain skill in organic growth of profiles on instagram.

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