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Are We Alone in the Universe? Study says No!

Universe is huge! Billions of planets, including those similar to Earth, are we really alone?!

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One of the big questions that has possibly been asked by you or someone close to you, after all, are we alone in the Universe? Is There Life Outside Earth? A recent study may perhaps answer that question!

Calm down, this is not a statement about something concrete that has already been identified! But it cannot be disregarded. The study and the estimate were made after astronomers estimated that there are about 30 Billion exoplanets similar to Earth. Through the data obtained through this study, it was possible to make a better estimate regarding civilizations spread across the universe.

Life Outside Earth, and Intelligent Civilizations

Are we alone in the universe?
Alien Life – Illustrative Image

According to the scientists responsible for the calculation they estimate about 36 Intelligent Civilizations in the Milky Way. The ancient method of trying to quantify the possibility of the existence of intelligent civilizations outside the Earth, was based on and guessed values referring to life. Which can vary greatly depending on the point of view. But with the new vision, and the discovery of Earth-like exoplanets, it has allowed for a better and more accurate estimate through new data.

But why bother finding intelligent civilizations in space, more precisely in our galaxy? Well, because this serves to know more or less what awaits us, if we don't find any in our galaxy it may mean that we may not have much success in longevity as a civilization.

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Not Finding a Problem?

However, not finding any trace of a civilization doesn't exactly mean that none ever existed. After all, the universe has existed for about 13.7 billion years. Whereas in the early moments of the universe conditions were extreme. Civilizations may have arisen after a few billion years, grown, developed, and then met their end for whatever reason.

If this hypothetical civilization has been extinguished, or perhaps it has managed to achieve a technological advance such as to leave for another galaxy… Its traces would no longer exist, making it impossible to find it. Its constructions would have already completely deteriorated, its signal emissions would have already ended, perhaps its star has already met its end.

Even if we see the "past" of light traveling through the universe, it could be that this light has already passed through us, or radio signals, when we were still developing. After all, our great technological advance happened less than 100 years ago, which in the timeline of the universe means practically nothing. There are several factors that make a civilization that has existed for thousands or millions of years almost impossible to find.

Anyway, what do you think about the topic? Are we alone in the Universe? I particularly believe that there can be both life and civilizations outside of Earth. After all, the universe is very vast and also old, and the possible reason for not having found one may still fall within our limitations. As well as the fact that we are seeing the “past” and not the present.

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