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Fire Force Season 2 Wins Final Trailer – Check it out!

Anime will be released in July

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Fire Force received a new and also the last trailer for its 2nd season of Anime. With its premiere already for the next season of anime that arrives in the month of July. Check out the trailer and some details about the continuation from FireForce.

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See below the Trailer Fire Force Season 2 Finale, recently released, which introduces us a little about the new challenges that await the 8th Battalion of the Fire Brigade:

With what is presented in the Trailer, we can without a doubt expect a decent quality for the anime, the same that was presented to us in the first season. Season 2 of Fire Force will also keep almost all of the staff from Season 1, which is a relief thanks to changes not always going well. With the exception of the Director, who will be replaced, but by one who had already participated in the first season project, directing episode 12.

About Fire Force

fire force season 1
Fire Force

Enen no Shouboutai or Fire Force, had its first season produced by the studio David Production, which is also producing the second season. It aired last summer season, with its premiere on July 5, 2019, and which featured 24 episodes. The anime is based on the manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo. He is also the author of another well-known work, Soul Eater (the visual similarity is noticeable, thanks to the author's traits).

Fire Force Season One can be viewed easily via Amazon Prime Video (Through this link). It is not available in Brazil through Crunchyroll, as it is limited to our region. Perhaps because Amazon holds the broadcasting rights for our country.


Humanity is plagued by an unknown phenomenon called Spontaneous Human Combustion. In which people are randomly transformed into violent and flaming creatures that attack whatever they see in front of them, they are called Infernals.

They are known as the first generation, while people who are born with the powers to control flames while still in their human forms are known as the second and third generation, or Pyrokinetics. In order to combat the danger of infernals, and research the cause of human combustion, which is still unknown, a Special Fire Force was created. Where the protagonist, who is of the second generation, enters in order to discover details regarding the incident that took his family when he was still a child. He joins the 8 Brigade.

The second season of Fire Force, has already won a premiere date, which is the day July 3rd. That is, in the first week of July we will have the second season of Fire Force to watch. Which is a relief, since we are usually forced to wait a long time to get second seasons, which fortunately did not happen with Fire Force.

Source: ANN!

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