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Cloud of Locusts May Arrive in Brazil

Locust rain could harm crops in the south of the country!

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Recently the internet stopped when it learned that a cloud of locusts that were in Argentina was coming towards Brazil. So far, all that is known about the formation of this Cloud is that it originated in Paraguay, but no one knows in which city.

Do These Locusts Harm Humans?

Neither animals nor humans do any harm, at least not directly. After all, they feed on vegetation, native or planted. More specifically, pasture, forest area or cropland can be consumed by these insects.

Will this Locust Cloud Really Leave Argentina and Go to Brazil?

Will this swarm of locusts really leave Argentina and go to Brazil?
Will this Locust Cloud Really Leave Argentina and Go to Brazil? Check out!

All that is known about this cloud is that it moves with the wind and likes slightly warm climates. But recently, observers of this cloud could see that with the arrival of a cold front in southern Brazil, the cloud remained in Argentina and with the possibility of changing its direction to Uruguay.

If this cloud enters Brazil, the government has already warned that it will use chemicals and pesticides in the fight against locusts.

It is also worth mentioning that this Wednesday the Ministry of Agriculture declared a state of phytosanitary emergency in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

What happened with countries affected by this plague?

If you are thinking that this plague has only reached countries in South America, know that you are very wrong. These clouds have already wreaked havoc on crops in many parts of the world, especially in Africa and Asia. Do you know this cloud of locusts that is in Argentina? So, it has the capacity to devour in a day an amount of food that would be enough to sustain 350 thousand people.

Although they do not attack humans directly, these locusts can affect us indirectly, as they devour food that could be eaten by humans and animals. We all know that Africa is a poor country, now imagine the damage that this plague has already done there?

It's folks, it really looks like the year 2020 is no joke, Brazil and the USA are still going through the worst moments of the Pandemic. In addition to this disease that plagues the whole world, we also had the killer wasps it's the US Pentagon reporting unidentified flying objects spotted.

We deeply hope that this pandemic and other evils that plague the world will end as soon as possible and that we will return to our normal life soon.

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