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Dark Season 3 Review! (SPOILERS)

Keep an eye out and try to understand what happens in the third season of Dark!

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First of all, we were all anxiously awaiting the arrival of this third season of Dark, this was due to the hype that the second season left. In the trailer for this third season of Dark on Netflix, we can see that the series has a different setting and characters compared to previous seasons.

Theories about Dark Season 3 on Netflix

You know the crazy theories that maybe you thought or saw someone talk about what this new season would bring? However, know that the series managed to be surprised and brought amazing things and still explaining everything in detail, it really is very amazing.

The loose ends left over from previous seasons have been explained in a way that anyone can understand perfectly. The production this last time was a 10, there are things in the series that only you watching to admire with your own eyes.

Some series and movies like the movie “Rescue” ended up kind of leaving an open ending, that didn't happen in Dark, the ending felt like it was planned from the first seasons, they really were very interconnected seasons.

Are There Really Only Two Worlds in Dark?

As I warned you in the title, this article talking about Dark from Netflix contains spoilers and now it's time to release one of them, are you sure you want to continue reading? If your answer is a YES, below you will have your first Spoiler and if it is NO, I recommend that you close this article right now.

In the first and second seasons of Dark we know the world A, after all these seasons takes place in this world, we also have the world B. World B is where the new Martha comes from, in worlds A and B Jonas and Martha work as counterparts.

But anyway, you know that there are not only these two worlds and yes three and this is all HG Tannhaus's fault.

Tannhaus, Character from Netflix Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Dar!

The third world is the original world and worlds A and B shouldn't exist, they existed because of a Tannhaus experiment. He was devastated by the deaths of his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, tried to go back in time and ended up splitting his world in two.

The three worlds are eternally united by a knot, who discovered all this was Claudia, she was looking for a reality in which Regina, her daughter, was still alive.

Who is the New Character of this third season of Dark?

Who is the new character of this third season of dark?
Find out who is the new character of this third season of Dark

Well, I bet you're curious to know who this new character is, he's Jonas' son with Martha from world B.

Speaking of world B, what was it like?

The world B was very similar to the world A, however it had some different things, in this world Mikkel did not disappear and Jonas did not exist.

Mikkel didn't disappear
Mikkel did not disappear in this world

This world, instead of having Adam, has Eve, the older version of Martha. Eva, in the end, wanted to keep the knot intact so that everyone in both worlds would survive, while Adam wanted the knot to be broken for good, even if it resulted in the destruction of one of them.

Well, this was a brief summary of this amazing third and final season that recently debuted on Netflix. However, if you're up for more information on this amazing series, let us know in the comments below as I'll be reading them all.

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