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Do you know what Yandere is? Check Everything!

The term is very popular in anime, but do you know what it refers to?

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In today's article, I come to address a topic that many people have been asking me, which is "what is yandere?". Because if you're a person who follows Anime and also Mangas, you must have already noticed something in common in some characters, especially the female ones... And yes, I'm talking about the classifications they receive, for being bad-tempered, shy and even aggressive .

And these terms that are given to them because of these different moods are, Tsundere, Yandere and other similar things. Which as you might have noticed, are classifications for different types of gender personalities of a character within romance anime/manga.

And yes, in addition to explaining what Yandere is, I will also tell you all about these other terms later on.

What is Yandere?

what is yandere
Yuno gasai

And without much ado, I will now directly explain and talk about what Yandere is, which is nothing more than a junction. Yes, a merger of yanderu and deredere, and this term refers to a person who is “sick” with love.

However, it is not just a very passionate person, as it goes far beyond that, but what do you mean? Yandere are those extremely dangerous personalities, as they have a sick and loving obsession with someone, and can become very dangerous people.

Not to mention that Yandere can sometimes show a cute and friendly personality, but this only serves to hide their compulsive jealousy. And as we mentioned earlier, if they lose control, they can become extremely dangerous people.

What is Tsundere, Dandere, and Kuudere?

Now that you finally know what Yandere is, it's time for you to know what Tsundere, Dandere, and Kuudere are. Like Yandere, the words Tsundere, Dandere, and Kuudere are also word combinations with the term deredere, who are energetic and passionate characters.

And yet, generally, many characters in these genres are considered moe, which in short, are affectionate and also cute characters. Without further ado, below you will find out what Tsundere, Dandere, and Kuudere are.


what is tsundere
Taiga – Toradora

Tsundere is nothing less than the junctions of words tsuntsun and deredere, and do you know what tsuntsun means? Its meaning is to be “cold or rough”, so we can conclude that Tsundere is that passionate and violent character. She usually demonstrates her love by frequently hitting the person she is in love with.

One detail about them is that they don't like to show their love feelings, and when they get embarrassed, they punch their love interests.


what is dandere
Illustrative Image

I'll start by saying that Dandere is the combination of words damnari and deredere, and Dandere are those people who speak little and are silent. Anyway, they are those characters who are very shy and who avoid socializing with other people as much as possible, because they are too embarrassed to talk to someone.

At the same time, they are cute/kawaii characters that conquer many people with their sweetness.


what is kuudere
Illustrative picture

To finalize the terms, we will now talk about Kuudere, which however, does not fit as much in a literal meaning as the others. That's because it's a way that the Japanese use to say terms like cool, that means cool and cold, that means cold.

And yes, these characters most of the time are very cold and show almost no emotion. Many say that Kuudere are "robots", because they don't know how to express their emotions properly.

Anyway, here ends another article of ours, where I talked about what is Yandere, Tsundere, Dandere, and also Kuudere. If you liked the content read here, please share it with all your friends and also on all your Social Networks.


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