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How to get Diamonds in Farlight 84

See how to get the most important currency in the game to acquire new champions!

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Farlight 84 is the newest Battle Royale promise that promises to displace Free Fire! The game is still in early access but is already attracting the attention of players, if you play, or want to have an account full of Diamonds to unlock everything in the game, learn now how to get lots of diamonds and coins!

As it is still in early access, it is common for the game to offer some items, which later on became rare, either because they were removed from the game, or because it became more difficult to obtain, coming only in specific events. Here are some best methods to get Diamonds in Farlight 84.

In-game methods

There are ways to get Diamonds in Farlight 84 both in-game and out-of-game. In this topic we will discuss the ways to get Diamonds within the game, for free, only with options presented in the game itself.

Link social media accounts

The first thing to do, especially for those who have just joined the game, is to link all the accounts that the game offers. Regardless of where you created the account in-game, on Steam, or on mobile, link all options.

Link accounts in farlight 84
Link accounts in Farlight 84

In all, it is possible to get up to 30 Diamonds just by linking the accounts, 10 of which are created, and 5 for linking with Facebook, TikTok, Google account and Steam account. Linking is easy, just lobby access your profile, in the profile tab navigate to account, and link/redeem your diamonds.

It is worth mentioning that the options to link with Facebook and Tiktok only appear in the mobile version of the game! Just log into your smartphone account, link and redeem diamonds for it.

Reward Codes

As usual, especially for games with a mobile version, Farlight 84 also has the option to redeem rewards through codes. Which includes diamonds, coins, skins, etc.

farlight 84 redemption code
Farlight 84 redemption code

Below I will leave a list of some codes to redeem in the game, but know that there is a deadline for redemption, and some codes are limited, they have a limit of times that can be redeemed.

duckythegamer10 Diamonds and 500 coins
wynsanity10 Diamonds and 500 coins
LILITH10THJetpack, hero, weapon skins and more
2h6qmsydpqexclusive rewards
2hi8nsuqupexclusive rewards
fl84best2022exclusive rewards

To get more codes, keep an eye out for the game's official social networks, and the game's content creators, whether on YouTube or Twitch... this way, whenever a new code comes out, you'll be one of the first to redeem it, guaranteeing the reward.


Currently the best way to get Diamonds in Farlight 84 is through events, more precisely the event Matching for cash cup (LATAM) event only available to those in a clan.

As it is the most rewarding way, it is also the most difficult, first of all it is necessary to do well in matches to earn more points, and to have good clan members to also guarantee more points. According to the clan's position in the table, every day group members will receive diamonds by mail.

A faster way to get points is by going to group matches with clan members, which makes the point gain earn a multiplier. The clan that is in first place earns 600 diamonds a day! Every day as long as you keep the same position on the scoreboard.

Out of game method

There are ways outside the game to get Diamonds, which basically consists of methods to buy Diamonds inside the game without having to spend money for it. In general, this is possible through applications that reward their users with gift cards or balance that can be used for purchases in app stores, such as the Play Store.

Below are examples of applications that, when performing activities, reward users with balance, which, when reaching a certain amount, can be converted into balance for app stores.


CashApp is an app where you can earn money/balance by testing apps, watching videos, answering surveys, and even reading the news. Since there are so many different ways to obtain it, it's easier not to get sick or tired.

CashApp has a version only for the Android system, but it is possible to use it in Android emulators for the computer. Below is the link to download the application:

You will be redirected to the official website

Entering it using an invitation code is a good option to get started with a head start. Accessing the application every day is also of great help, after all, it has a daily check-in system.

make money

Make Money works in a similar way to CashApp! The application proposes to reward its users by carrying out activities, be it watching videos, answering surveys, testing applications.

It has versions for both Android and iOS, which can be downloaded using the app stores (Play Store and App Store) or the links below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

His payments are received through PayPal, where you can use the payment to go directly to Farlight 84, and buy diamonds in the in-game store, or use it to buy gift cards from the Play Store and buy using the store balance.


Getting diamonds in Farlight 84 is very simple and easy as long as you follow the methods taught in this article. There are two methods, each of which has different ways. Whether in-game, with options that the game itself offers players, or outside the game, using methods to get balances in stores or with gift cards.

Taking advantage of the fact that the game is still in the early access stage, having Diamonds now is essential for those who want to have their Farlight 84 account with all the items in the future, to be able to flaunt it when the game finally launches, and becomes a real success, just as it promises to be!

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