How to Earn Diamonds and Other Rewards on Free Fire?


In this post you will learn how to get many free diamonds, magic cubes, angelic pants and several other free fire rewards, through the 3 best known ways in 2020. These ways are: earning money with the free Play Store app, redeeming official Garena codes and with Free Fire vpn script.

Free fire is without a doubt, the most popular game of the moment among children, young people and even adults. No matter where you are, you will always find someone playing this popular battle royale game.

Due to their immense popularity, certain items have become highly sought after by the community, some have even become luxury accessories and collectibles for most players. Because of this, many players began to spend their savings after these rare items.

Consequently, players without financial means began to look for ways to get these items for free, in other words without having to invest money. Trying to meet this need for these players. Today we at news geek will teach you different ways to get the following free rewards in free fire: diamonds, magic cube, characters, emotes, rare skins and much more.

If you can get it for free, why pay?

Next, learn the best ways to get free diamonds and rewards in free fire!

Way 1: Make Money on the Play Store Free

The first way we will teach you is how to get diamonds, through apps to earn money or free balance on google play, play store or app store. On these platforms there are several applications and even games that pay their users small amounts for carrying out small daily tasks. Such tasks can be: Check in daily, answer certain questions, play a game for a certain time, share the application with friends, among others.

It is worth remembering that each application has its method of payment, among these forms are: real money (which can be withdrawn through: Mercado Pago, PayPal, Pic Pay, Virtual Credit Card), gift card, promotional codes, play store balance and even with diamonds in free fire itself.

This method may not be the fastest way to get free fire diamonds, but it is without a doubt the most efficient and it really works. As long as it takes a while to accumulate balance and finally exchange it for your prize.

However, my dear readers, fear not. Because today we will present and teach you how to use one of the best apps to accumulate balance on the market, and best of all, it can be found on all the main platforms such as: play store, google play, app store and etc. .

Discover the application: Quize

First on this list of ways to get a balance and use it on Free Fire we have Quize, you've probably heard of it. But if by chance you don't know anything about this app, it's kind of an interactive Quis, with questions, obviously.

The more questions you get right, the more chances you have of getting a balance and using it however and wherever you want. Remembering that it is available for both Android and IOS phones, or iPhones more precisely.

Unfortunately, he has only one form of withdrawal, which is via a MasterCard prepaid card. And for you to be able to have your reward in hand, you will have to accumulate at least a balance of 50 reais.

How to Use Quiz?

The first step of all is having to download it, and as I said before, the same is available for both Android and IOS. Next I will leave the respective download links, just click on the one that is compatible with your mobile device.

Download For Android / Download for IOS

Downloading the application you will come across a presentation video, I recommend you to watch it and then click on “Start Now”. Afterwards you will have to enter your number, accept the privacy terms and check your contact by text message.

After this has passed, it's time to enter some of your data, such as First Name, Last Name, choose a nickname and etc… Finally, inform if you were referred by a friend, if so, just enter his invitation code.

Once the previous steps are finished, just wait for the next Quiz, play and then accumulate balance to use in Free Fire.

I accumulated balance, how do I unblock my Prepaid card?

Quiz card, news geek
Photo: Playback/Quize Card

I want to remind you that for you to be able to make your first withdrawal you will have to have accumulated a minimum balance of 50 reais.

First step: You will have to go in search of the “Payments” option, it is inside the Quize app, obviously and then click on “Redeem”. Soon after you will have to enter some information like your CPF, ZIP code, other data of your address and click on “Request”. So, within a few weeks your cat will arrive at your house.

Second step: This step will only be possible to do when your card has arrived at your house, but it has already arrived. So now just do the following, you will go back to the payment option and click on “Unlock Card”. Now just enter the last 4 digits of the card that arrived at your residence and the first 3 numbers of your CPF. Now, click on “Unlock” and then you can use your card, its password will come along, just look for the envelope.

Way 2: Redeem Codes

The second way to get free fire diamonds and rewards is through codes that can be redeemed on Garena's two official websites: Recarga Jogo and Reward FF. This way of obtaining items in free fire is preferred by the game's community. Because in addition to being able to get the reward immediately after redeeming the code. It is also possible to get not only free diamonds, but also magic cubes, rare skins, emotes, elite pass and other rewards.

Below we at news geek and our sponsor smile one will release redemption codes from both sites.

Don't know how to redeem the codes or have any questions? Access: How to redeem codes?

Game Reload Codes:

90611306514382646952 OPEN

64890040146177650064 OPEN

80380278227524689157 OPEN

74553430296293121509 OPEN

22045958903635381901 OPEN

More Codes!

Codes For Rewards Redemption Site (Reward FF):









Way 3: Free Fire VPN Script

This third way to redeem free fire prizes is an exclusive way for users who arrived in this article through our partners on youtube. Our partners basically teach you quick and simplified methods on how to get these very rare items within the game itself. For more information search: Script Free Fire Vpn.

Application 1:



Application 2:




Application 3 (ADVANCED SERVER):

Activation code: JQ82BZHXMFWY7VIF

Well, that's it my dear geekers, in this article the 3 main ways to get free balance or reward in free fire were shown. If you liked it, like this article and share it with your friends, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I will answer and try to solve your problem. Remember not to forget to activate the site's yellow bell so you don't miss site updates and reward codes!

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