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How to Withdraw Emergency Aid with PicPay

Learn how to withdraw aid without needing a Caixa account!

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Speak Geekers, okay? Everything good with you? Well, I hope so. First of all, as we all know, the government is making it impossible to make transfers or bank withdrawals directly from the Caixa Tem app.

Withdrawals and transfers only began to be released in June, but is there a possibility of having the money in hand before that date? First of all, know that there is a possibility of you being able to receive emergency aid before the date using PicPay and I will teach you how in this article, come with me.

Well, first of all I want to say that these looting a little late is a great idea of the government to avoid agglomerations, but why is it a great idea? However, if you release all the withdrawals at once, what will not be missing is people at the door of the banks. The best way to avoid this that the cashier found was releasing the withdrawals from June, and each day will release a month, what do you mean? Let's exemplify, in first day of withdrawal will be those born in January, in second withdrawal day those born in February and so on.

After all, how will I withdraw the Emergency Aid with PicPay?

Let's go for the step by step:

First, first of all, you will have to download the PicPay app and register with it.

Secondly, you will enter the Caixa Tem application and go to the “Virtual Debit Card”. In other words, clicking on this option will show all the data on your virtual card box.

The third step is for you to go back to the PicPay application and click on the option “Portfolio” and then click on “Add”. However, following these steps correctly, three options will appear for you: “Caixa Virtual Credit Card”, “Boleto Bancário” and TED/DOC Bank Transfer. Obviously you will click on “Caixa Virtual Credit Card” and add the details of your Caixa Tem virtual card.

At first, after doing these steps correctly, you will be able to withdraw this money via TED/DOC to your bank account or click on “Withdraw” and go to a 24-hour cashier.

It is worth remembering that the PicPay application is available for both Android and IOS, that is, to download it you will have to go to the Play Store or App Store.

But I don't want to follow these steps, what is the date that the cashier will release the aid loot?

For those who do not want to use PicPay to withdraw their emergency aid and decided to wait, however, the date of withdrawals is following the following schedules.

born inreleased in
JanuaryMay 30th
February1st of June
MarchJune 2
AprilJune 3rd
MayJune 4
June5th of June
JulyJune 6th
AugustJune 8th
SeptemberJune 9
OctoberJune 10
NovemberJune 12
December13th of June

Anyway, if you still have doubts about how to withdraw emergency aid via PicPay, below is a video showing the step by step.

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