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Learn to play GTA RP on mobile

See how to play GTA RP on Android Phone quickly and objectively

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If you love GTA RP but don't have a computer or notebook capable of running the game, see now how it's possible play GTA RP on mobile! That way, you can have fun even without a computer, wherever you are thanks to the mobility of your cell phone, in the adventures of one of the most famous games in the world!

In this article, you will see instructions to learn how to play GTA RP in a simple way on your Android phone! Follow along.

What is GTA RP?

First of all it is necessary to explain what GTA RP is! What is Grand Theft Auto Roleplay? In the simplest and most summarized way possible, it is a modification of the traditional GTA, usually based on GTA 5 or San Andreas.

Roleplay is a game modality in which events and situations of everyday life are simulated or enacted. In this case, it's a version of GTA where you use everything the game allows, cars, furniture, weapons, character cosmetics... to create an online multiplayer game with unique experiences!

GTA RP however, is not recognized by Rockstar, the developer of the original game, but there are no reports of players being banned for using this version. However, nothing prevents the company from barring those who play these versions from playing on official servers.

How does GTA RP for mobile work?

GTA San Andreas
GTA San Andreas: Illustrative image

As much as there are official versions of GTA for mobile phones, GTA RP in particular is created to be played on a computer, so how does Grand Theft Auto RP for Android phones work? The difference is quite simple!

While the computer versions of the game are based on GTA 5, the smartphone version is based on a GTA that already has a smartphone version, San Andreas. This is because the game is lighter and already has a mobile version, while GTA 5 does not yet have such a port.

Thanks to this, there are significant differences from the GTA RP on Mobile for its computer version, but that doesn't stop players from having the same amount of fun.

How to play GTA RP on Android

There are different ways to play it on your cell phone, however, one of the safest ways is through the SA-MP Launcher application, which is largely responsible for adding the multiplayer mode to the GTA: San Andreas game.

To have the SA-MP Launcher on your cell phone and release multiplayer in GTA turning it into GTA RP is simple:

Go to the Play Store on your Android and search for “SA-MP Launcher”, or use the button below:

You will be redirected to the official website

Click to install the application and wait until the procedure is completed. If you choose to search and install the app directly from the Store, be sure to install the original, unmodified app or a copy, as it may lead to data loss. With the application installed to play GTA RP on Mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Open SA-MP Launcher and grant all access requested by the application, so that it can work;
  2. Click on “install game” and then select “yes”;
  3. Once this is done, the download of GTA: San Andreas will start, with the option of automatic or manual installation, for a greater speed in the process, choose the automatic option.
  4. New permissions need to be given, confirm all, to be able to play GTA RP on mobile android.
  5. Two options for installing GTA San Andreas will be made available, one light and one heavy, with all detailed game information.
  6. Choose the one you prefer, the application will return to its home screen and request a game update, click on “update” and “yes”;
  7. A notification alerting you that the latest version of the game has been installed will be displayed. Ready just open the game and start having fun.

This tool for accessing GTA RP on mobile has several advantages, among them, allowing access to multiple servers and freeing users from performing configurations or extra installations to play.


The process to play GTA RP on your cell phone is very simple, following the step by step above you will be able to enjoy the game experience on your Android cell phone, it is worth mentioning, There is currently no version of the SA-MP Launcher application for iOS !

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