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Learn to Identify Plants by Photos using Application!

Do you want to take better care of your plants but don't know their name so you can research and find out how to best care for them? Discover the best apps to help you!

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If you are a nature lover we have a super news to tell you. There is between us a app to identify any type of plant using your camera smartphone. That will undoubtedly increase your knowledge about plants.

Nowadays, several people have adopted the habit of taking care of plants at home, because in addition to bringing several health benefits, it still connects you with nature. But we know that taking care of plants is not a very easy task because each plant needs different care.

So, if that little plant was born and you didn't know how to identify the species, or maybe you got a plant as a gift and you don't know how to take care of it? Don't worry because with this app you will be able to identify which plant it is. And so you will be able to make it grow and become a beautiful plant to decorate your home.

How does PlantNet work?

O PlantNet is an application that identifies plants by photo and allows you to discover new species. That's because the application uses a botanical database with millions of records. This allows the answers to be very accurate.

So as soon as you take the picture, the app it registers the image and crosses the information with what is in the database and so it presents a result for you to verify. The more quality your photo has the more chances of app present the correct origin of the registered species.

In addition, the platform gives tips on how to capture the photos, making the system easier to read. And so the obstacles to the recognition of plants diminishes. It also allows users to contribute to the functioning of the app, confirming that the photo suggestion presented corresponds to the identified plant.

The application is very important so that you can get to know the plants you have at home and thus treat and take good care of your little plant. Making it survive longer, and so the garden, or even that small area of your house is beautiful, alive and full of colors.

How to download and use the application?

Anyone can use this app that's why it works so much on android as in IOS. We are now going to teach you step-by-step how to install the app in your cell phone and start exploring the fantastic world of plants. to get the PlantNet click the buttons below and install:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website
App to identify plants by photo
App to identify plants by photo – Illustrative image

Once you open it, it will ask for access to your location. You can accept or deny. If you allow access, the photos you take will have the location identified, if you deny access, you will be able to use the app normally, however your photos will not be location tagged.

App to identify plants by photo
Allow Location Access

Now to start identifying the plants, tap on the camera icon. The app will ask for access to your phone's image storage. If you do not allow access, the application will not be able to fulfill its purpose, so it is very important that you accept the permission. After allowing it, you can take a photo of a plant or you can load an image that you already have on your cell phone.

App to identify plants by photo
Allow access to Photos

As soon as you take a photo of the plant, the application will give you 4 options of characteristics to be analyzed of the plant, which are: leaf, fruit, flower and stem. And so PlantNet will display the most likely species at the top, and other possibilities below. You will analyze the photos and see which one corresponds with the plant you want.

App to identify plants by photo
Plantnet Layout - Illustrative Image

If the search is correct, click on “Confirm”, and if you do not agree, click on “Cancel” and try to take another photo, until you get the corresponding result.

How to make images of your Plants appear on PlantNet?

In order for your images to appear on PlantNet you need to create a login. You go to "Profile" click on "Connect" and then click on "Register". Enter your email and create a password and press the "Register" button. Once the registration is ready you will receive a notification.

App to identify plants by photo
Create PlantNet login – Illustrative Image

And after that, just release your finger, and register several clicks of flowers, trees, fruits and all plants in general. And by registering the plant correctly you will be helping other users to identify your plants as well.

Use and abuse of PlantNet. Take advantage of the tips and from now on take good care of all your plants and have a beautiful garden at home!

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