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Manifest Series; check out all the news!

Second season coming to Globo Play

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The second season of the series Manifest arrives in the Globoplay catalog now in July. THE series is a most watched streaming service. The gripping plot explores the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Flight 828, with all passengers and crew, and its return more than five years later.

The second season is expected to bet on more drama and mysteries about the case.

flight 828

Montego Flight 828 from Jamaica to New York had been a little bumpy and bumpy, but brief, for passengers. However, for the rest of humanity, five and a half years have passed. 

The plane lands, and even after five years, all of its occupants are still the same age they were when they got on the plane. In addition, all crew members developed a sixth sense.

Now, the crew are trying to get used to their new realities, while being involved in a series of mysteries. Of course, in New York, those who took the previous flight and left part of their family on Flight 828 tried to rebuild their lives after the forced period of mourning.

manifest series
Manifest – Netflix

Stone family

The series focuses on the Stone family: Ben, Cal and Michaela. The three were on the plane and were reported missing, while the rest of the family went on with their lives. Ben's wife has found a boyfriend, Cal's twin is a teenager, and Michaela's fiancé has married her best friend. 

Parallel to the family's new situation, everyone tries to answer the mystery of the plane that took five years to reach its destination. The plot includes strange deaths and disappearances of passengers and the suspicion that the government may be behind it all. In addition, some have started to hear voices in their minds that help them solve crimes.

Not to mention that throughout the plot we are introduced to new passengers on the flight. 

Is the Manifest series worth watching?

For those who like a good mystery, action, fiction, and mysticism, this is a great indication. With a different premise than what we are used to, the main plot brings important characters to the development of the story, such as “Major” and Zeke. 

Worshiping Flight 828 Passengers

A group of people, called “Believers”, claim that the return of passengers is a miracle. Over the course of the season, they end up founding a church and treating those who have returned to life as divine beings.

This cult of passengers goes against the character Michaela, who grew up in disbelief, while her mother was a woman of great faith. In the first episode, Michaela's mother quotes the Bible verse Romans 8:28, and asks her to believe it. People worship and believe that after death everyone can return to life.  

It is worth remembering that Manifest has already been renewed by NBC for a third season. The series created by Jeff Rake premiered in September 2017, and stars Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, JR Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina and Parveen Kaur.

Text: Kamilla Oliveira | Supervision and Writing: Blender Barbosa

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