Netflix Renews Series Tune For Season Two

Tune in Series: second season

Second season produced by kondzilla.

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Launched in 2019, the Tune series won many fans. Created and directed by Kondzilla, the production shows the reality of three young people living in a fictional favela in São Paulo, Vila Áurea. After the success of the first season, Netflix confirmed the renewal of the series during the first day of the TUDUM Festival, an event created by the streaming service in January this year.

According to the official synopsis, Doni (MC Jottapê), Rita (Bruna Mascarenhas) and Nando (Christian Malheiros) will need to fight even harder to achieve success and not return to the starting point. The three friends have always been very close since childhood, but each one follows a different path at the end of the season... And that can cause divergences in the trio's friendship.

But the question that doesn't want to be silent is: will it be possible to get this far without forgetting where they came from? The second season episodes began filming in the first half of 2020. The release is scheduled for this year later. However, with the pandemic, there is no confirmation of the premiere date.

Origin of Tune

Konrad Tune Series Producer, Composer, and Kondzilla Channel Creator
Konrad Dantas Brazilian composer, producer and entrepreneur, founder of the KondZilla channel.

Konrad Dantas was still a teenager living in the favela of Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo, when he had the idea of telling stories about people who lived there. Owner of the sixth largest YouTube channel in the world, with about 60 million subscribers, he has already produced numerous clips and leveraged the careers of several Funk Ostentação artists.

In order to bring representation, KondZilla had the idea of telling the story of three friends who followed different paths to buy a thousand reais sneakers. One of them became a drug dealer, another bought fake sneakers and the third acquired the original shoes through a robbery.

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That was the idea for a short film, but after getting in touch with professionals in the field, he saw the possibility of seeing his story turned into a series with several seasons. Thus, Sintonia is born, which follows the narrative from the point of view of three characters, who have been friends since childhood, but follow different paths: funk, religion and drug trafficking. The contrast between faith and criminality is something present in Brazilian favelas.

To ensure the inclusion and veracity of the facts, part of the cast and script were worked with actors trained in a São Paulo prison. In addition, the series' soundtrack is signed by DJs Zegon and Laudz from Tropkillaz and Fábio Góes.

In addition to entertainment

Tune series: second season - favela
Favela de Paraisópolis

Sintonia is the fifth series produced in Brazil, after 3%, The Mechanism, Samantha! and Most Beautiful Thing. Being the only one contextualized in a favela and talking about funk, a musical style that represents this place and a part of the country's culture.

In addition to entertainment, the series touches on relevant subjects that are often portrayed in a misrepresented way. Approaching aspects such as funk, drug trafficking, religion and the favela itself, with sensitivity and authenticity. The construction of the three main characters allows an immersion and approximation of this reality. In addition, the series shows how difficult it is to be a young man full of dreams and ambition, in a place with reduced opportunities.

Writing: Joyce Cristina | Review and Supervision: Blender Barbosa

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