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War movies that were inspired by real stories.

Real conflicts that inspired films!

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So that we can enjoy this long period of quarantine, why improve having fun while absorbing real knowledge? That's what it's about, because we're going to talk about 3 war movies that were inspired by real stories. You are curious? Well, grab the pen and let's get down to business.

Unfortunately wars are never good, many opposing causes that cause destruction, trauma and lost lives. Lives lost even for those who remained alive. Stolen childhoods, raped women, mutilated bodies. There is no beauty in war, but in cinema there is. And perhaps there is great discomfort in seeing the beautiful in the terrible, but that's exactly what the best films do.

Some directors have already created masterpieces about the horrors that human beings are capable of, about the worst in each of us.

TOP 3 – War movies inspired by real stories.

1st Beasts of No Nation

War movies that were inspired by real stories. - beasts of no nation
Beasts of No Nation movie

Facts: Based on the eponymous book by Nigerian Uzodinma Iweala. The film does not locate the country of the civil war in which the characters are inserted, but that does not make it completely fictional. Although not the direct and biographical adaptation of the life of a particular subject, Agu's story is a reference to each of the child soldiers of the civil wars that spread through countries such as Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, among others.

The fiction film was produced by Netflix, I came with a tremendous punch in the stomach. The film managed to bring us a raw truth with an aestheticization of violence that did not please many viewers. Great war films address the traumas that these conflicts generate in children and, here, we have the knowledge of a reality little explored in the media and more commercial films, after all, the Second World War was not the only one that existed.

Conclusion: Beasts of No Nation shows us how childhood is stolen by armed conflicts that absorb all the reality and violence around them. The feeling that there is no escape, that the only options are evil or death, is a constant oppression during the film and splashes with force on the viewer.

2nd War on Terror

War movies that were inspired by real stories. - war on terror
War on Terror film

Facts: The title in Portuguese refers to the US (United States of America) war campaign in response to the 9/11 attack. The English title, The Hurt Locker, describes the feeling that the soldiers who were sent to Iraq were plunged into. While not referring to a specific situation, the script was written by journalist Mark Boal, a former correspondent in the Iraq War.

War on Terror is a film that exalts the American soldier without exalting the government that put him there. There is an understanding that there is a war raging between states, but Bigelow is a director sensitive enough to underscore the psychological pressure on individuals out in the field facing the reality of war.

Conclusion: It is not a war film that defends propagandist values (although this can be interpreted by the viewer), but to understand that talking about struggle between nations is just a euphemism in the face of the existence of soldiers and civilians dying or living in borderline situations.

3rd Dunkirk

War movies that were inspired by real stories. - dunkirk
Dunkirk movie

Facts: The film Inspired by the events of Operation Dynamo, which took place during Second World War. Hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers were evacuated from the city of Dunkirk to England across the English Channel in one of the most famous strategies of warfare in history.

The events in the film took place on land, in the air and at sea. Sound and editing are essential elements to cause a sense of urgency in the viewer, that is, this is not a film to relax.

Conclusion: The film has a greater importance for war cinema than for the story itself. The direction, if added to the work of the other departments, creates a unique and characteristic atmosphere of the director. When it comes to immersion, few war movies are really able to anguish the viewer with anything other than the terror of the actions. Conveying the feeling that in war every second matters is something few have achieved and Nolan certainly made it to this list.

But anyway, what do you think of this short list about movies that were based on real stories? Comment what you think, share with a friend.

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