After Canceled, 'Anne With An E' Petition Sets New Record

'Anne with an E' petition hits new record after canceled

Beloved series on Netflix is canceled in the third season

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Based on the book “Anne of Green Gables”, written by author Lucy Montgomery in 1908, the series "Anne With an E", from Canada, was produced by the CBC channel in partnership with Netflix and by Breaking Bad writer and producer Moira Walley-Becket. However, production was canceled for the third season.

According to streaming, the lack of audience was the real reason for the cancellation of this series so dear to fans. According to executive Sally Catto, from CBC, the ratings were not enough to continue the project. However, Netflix remained firm in the decision, but the dissatisfaction of the public and the president of the CBC, Catherine Tait, was already something reported by the media.

The petition campaign

Faced with the scenario, fans started a petition campaign for the series to be saved. In this way, it is expected that it will be shown again on another channel or streaming service, but in the end, financial issues also weighed on the cancellation. The online petition, in addition, already has more than 700 thousand signatures, being considered the largest made by a series. However, Netflix has yet to comment on the matter.

fan tactics

Tactics to get attention are being done by Twitter and other social networks. In addition, some even asked for the series to be redeemed by Amazon Prime. Disney+ was also one of the targets of requests and the company even responded to some comments about their intentions.

Anne With an E Series

With an engaging story, the series tells the story of Anne Shirley. She is a girl who was mistakenly adopted by a couple of brothers. However, lacking the courage to undo the exchange, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert end up receiving a girl full of imagination, misfit and lost to late 19th century society.

On the other hand, his intellect and outstanding personality impress everyone. Issues of gender and sexuality are addressed in a very inclusive, respectful and comprehensive way in the series. Furthermore, such matters made the plot even more popular with fans. In addition, themes such as adolescence, transformations and acceptance are also highlighted.

Production tried to find a new home for the series

The show's writer and executive producer stated on Instagram that she tried to find a new home for the sequel to 'Anne with an E', but to no avail. Despite this, after learning about the petition with more than 700,000 signatures, Moira decided to speak out.

“I mean, I'm impressed and very grateful. I have been moved to tears so many times in the last few weeks… so many, many tears. This is my son. I raised her, helped her to grow, and I appreciate and adore her. AnnE means everything to me. Please know that we struggle too. In addition to trying and winning, the best thing is to try and fail.”


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