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Check out 5 Good Cell Phones from 800 Reais

Devices for those who are looking for a new cell phone but are on a tight budget!

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Many times we realize that it's time to change our cell phone, but we don't always know which one to choose. Thinking about these people looking for good cell phones and even a little cheap, I came to list 5 cell phones that are up to 800 reais.

First of all, I want to say that I'm not saying that one cell phone is better than the other, they just meet different needs.

1: LG K40s

I'm going to start this list talking about LG's darling, yes, I'm talking about the LG K line. This line is well known for having good cell phones at a very cheap and affordable price, fitting in the pockets of many people.

This is one of those cell phones that can have a price below 800 reais or even a little above, it varies from store to store. THE LG K40s It has a 6.1-inch screen and 32GB internal memory, with two rear cameras and a flash.

It also has a front camera, a digital reader, it also has a Micro SD input of up to 2000 GB and among other good features.

Its price can currently vary between R$760.00 and R$899.00, however, it is up to you to research and choose a reliable place to purchase it.

2: Samsung Galaxy A10

Second but not least, we will talk about the Samsung Galaxy A10, it certainly could not be left out of this list.

Its price can vary from 800 reais to up to 900 reais, it certainly could not be left out of this list of good and cheap cell phones. Its screen is 6.2 inches and its internal storage is 32GB with the possibility of expansion through Micro SD.

It also has a rear camera with Flash and in addition to the front, its ram is 2gb and has a digital sensor.

3: Moto E6S

It is quite similar to the aforementioned cell phones, its size is 6.1 inches, 2 GB of Ram and 32 GB of internal memory. However, it should be noted that it supports Micro SD up to 256 GB and also has dual camera with flash and front camera.

Its price can vary from 750 reais to 850 reais, it's up to you to research and find the most affordable place to purchase. Anyway, this is a good device for those looking for good cell phones with a very affordable price, often costing less than 800 reais.

4: Redmi S2

As we all know, Chinese cell phones have become a fever here in Brazil, this because of their cost benefit. Precisely because one of the most famous Chinese brands is Xiaomi here in Brazil, I will cite a cell phone from this company.

I'm talking about the Redmi S2, Redmi is a secondary brand of Xiaomi but it's all the same company. remembering that this device has all the functions mentioned above including even the size.

Its price can vary from 750 reais to even 950 reais, remembering that I recommend you to look in trusted online stores.

5: Redmi 8

Last but not least, we have the Redmi 8, it practically all the specifications of the phones mentioned above. It is worth mentioning that its RAM memory can vary from 3 or 4 GB and the internal memory of 32 or 64 GB.

Its price can vary from 750 reais to 800 reais, it is easily found in virtual stores.

Anyway, this was a brief article citing 5 good cell phones and costing approximately 800 reais, don't forget to share this article with all your friends and on all your social networks.

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