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Meet the 5 Strongest Marvel Heroes

The most powerful Marvel heroes to ever grace the big screen!

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Speak Lovers of the Marvel Universe, how are you? Today I come here to bring an article in which I will list the 5 strongest Marvel Heroes, will we have any surprises? Anyway, only you reading to know.

1: Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch

Meet the 5 strongest marvel heroes - 1 wanda maximoff the scarlet witch
Scarlet Witch

Did you expect her to occupy this top spot on this list? If not, know that she's not here by accident, we've all seen what she was able to do with Thanos in Endgame. still talking about the movie Avengers: Endgame, if Thanos didn't ask for help, she would kill him with tremendous ease.

Despite not having much prominence in the Marvel movies, she has gradually gained notoriety and shown the absurd level of her powers, powers that we will see the dimension in the Doctor Strange 2 movie, the Doctor Strange movie has a scheduled release date to 2022.

2: Thor - Marvel's Strongest Heroes

Meet the 5 strongest marvel heroes - 2 thor strongest marvel heroes
Thor Odinson

Thor is the god of Thunder, we all know he is a Norse Marvel character and son of gods. Thor's powers are attributed through Mjölnir, Mjölnir that only raises those who are worthy.

The hero is also able to use some elements at his disposal in a fight such as thunder, frost, lightning, storms and rain. He also has abilities like longevity in life, being immune to human diseases, terrifying speed, flying and etc…

3: Jean Grey, the Phoenix

Meet the 5 strongest marvel heroes - 3 jean gray a
Jean Gray

Maybe you are finding Jean Gray strange in this list of Marvel's strongest Heroes, but she is indeed part of this Universe, not only her but the other mutants that are part of her life cycle. But why don't we see Jean in the Marvel movies? A few years ago, Marvel was experiencing financial difficulties and this caused the company to sell a few dozen or even hundreds of its superheroes. But calm down, currently Marvel has already repurchased many of its heroes and it seems that soon we will have her and the other mutants along with the heroes that have dominated theaters in recent years.

Jean's power is telepathy, she can control several people at the same time, making these people take actions she wants. We can see that it can do tremendous damage.

4: Stephen Strange, Doctor Strange - Marvel's Strongest Heroes

Meet the 5 Strongest Marvel Heroes - Stephen Strange Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has frightening powers, powers that allow him to control multi-versal energies, teleportation, portals between dimensions, reality alteration, astral projections and so on.

All this power started when he was in a car accident and lost almost all hand movement. As a doctor, he sought help to try to regain his movement and return with his surgeries. Do you know who he met in this relentless quest to get his hand movements back? The Ancient One, she trained him to be even better than her.

5: Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel

Meet the 5 strongest marvel heroes - carol danvers the captain marvel
Captain Marvel

Maybe you should even be wondering why the Captain is in fifth place and not first. Calm down, I'll explain. We all saw that she did tremendous damage in the movie Avengers: Endgame, even received a head from Thanos that didn't even shake her.

But some recent leaks have indicated that she doesn't have all that power, but what do you mean? I'll explain, all those powers that we saw coming out of her actually she managed to suck from whoever attacked her first. Following this theory, her power would be to suck powers, that is, whenever someone went to attack her first, she will take that power and fight back.

But yes, she has other powers of her own that we can't deny the sheer size. But what I mean is that maybe in a fight with Captain America without her sucking powers, since his weapon is a shield, she could lose that fight, since she wouldn't have anywhere to suck powers from.

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