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The Addams Family: Meet the Members!

Everyone knows Wanda and Little Hand, but do you know the rest of the Addams family?

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The Addams Family is made up of a family group that has already won several films, comics, books and series. That is, the Addams Family has already gone through several media, and the most recent new characterization came out on Netflix. And yes, I'm talking about the “Wandinha” series, which even became a huge fever here in Brazil and is a success.

However, does this family only have those members that we are used to seeing in movies and series? Well, in this article you can check and meet the members of this captivating family that crosses generations making success in the world.

And below you can check the list with some members of the Addams Family that we would certainly love to call “relatives”. Oh, and in the comments box, don't forget to mention your favorite member of this family, I'll be reading all the comments.

Little hand

who is the addams family
Photo: Reproduction/Mãozinha

I'm going to start this list with some members of the Addams Family quoting one that fell in favor with the public, which is Mãozinha, obviously. In case you didn't know, he is a close friend of Stumble and both are servants of the Addams Family who couldn't be left out.

This curious being, as you may have noticed, is a severed hand that has a very endearing personality. It is noteworthy that he is also known as “Thing", or simply thing, in the original.

A curious fact about Little Hand is that originally, the creator of the Addams Family, thought of him as a severed head. However, fortunately or unfortunately, Charles Addams (Creator of the Family), ended up opting for a severed Hand, as the character would be less repulsive to the public.


Who is addams family stumbling block
Image: Playback/Stumble

Do you remember that above we said that Mãozinha was a close friend of Tropeço? So, now it's time for us to talk about this other character who, like Mãozinha, is also a servant of this family. And although both are not an Addams by blood, they are family and you can't treat them like strangers.

In the original it is called Lurch, and his function is to be the butler of the house. He who is a huge creature and who somewhat resembles the monster of frankenstein. And despite being of few words and expressionless, the strange Stumble seems to have a heart of gold.

And yes, in Wandinha he has NOT appeared, but despite that, we know that Tropeço is a great friend of young Addams. In fact, we can say that he goes far beyond a friend, as he seems to have a fatherly bond with the girl and her brother, the Ugly.

Uncle Chico

Who is uncle chico from the addams family
Photo: Reproduction/Uncle Chico

Now we're going to talk about a member of the Addans Family that we saw in Wandinha's series, which is none other than Uncle Chico. His physical characteristic is having a shiny bald head, intense pallor and dark shadows under his eyes, appearing to be a fearsome figure. However, according to some other members of the Addams family, he is harmless.

As we saw in Wandinha, Chico has some interesting particularities, among them his electrical powers, which make him able to light a 110-watt light bulb with his mouth.

A fact about him is that he suffered a small change in kinship with Wandinha and Feioso over the years, what do you mean? Well, in the 60s, it is said that Uncle Chico is Maternal uncle of Morticia, as in movies and animations… He ended up becoming Gomez's older brother.

cousin thing

cousin addams family thing
Image: Reproduction/Primo Coisa – Addams Family

Continuing this list, we will now talk about another member of the Family that we didn't see in Wandinha, which is the cousin thing. And as the name implies, he is a distant cousin of the Family. Since no one knows for sure what's underneath all their fur.

Its communication works through a curious language, and Primo Thing is said to have a high IQ, in addition to being a great flirt. And we have proof of that, because in his novels, he already dated Ophelia Frump(Morticia's sister), as well as Margaret Alford in the 1991 film.

Gomez Addams

who is gomez addams
Photo: Playback/Gomez Addams

It's time for us to talk about the Gomez Addams, who as you may already know, is none other than Wandinha's father. And one thing we see clearly in him is his great love for Morticia, who is his wife and the mother of his three children.

Well, at the beginning of it all, Charles Addams drew him as a repulsive figure, but, little by little, he went from being a flirt to a grotesque figure. And we saw this very apparent when he decided to teach his son Ugly the three steps to conquer a woman, and what are they? (1) raise an eyebrow, (2) to smile and (3) throw a wolverine at the suitor.

Morticia Addams

who is morticia addams
Image: Reproduction/Morticia Addams

If we talked about Gomez above, of course now we would talk about his wife, Morticia, mother of Wandinha, Feioso and Pubert. She is always seen with a dark and tight dress, and this is also her daughter's favorite color.

She, who has very white skin and dark hair, uses speaking French as a secret weapon to soften up her husband. Well, actually not only speak French, but any other foreign language as well.

grandma addams

Who is granny addams
Photo: Reproduction/Grandma Addams

We couldn't stop talking about this list with members of the Addams Family from Grandma Addams, Feioso and Wandinha's paternal grandmother. She is a witch that I really enjoyed doing, curses, potions, spells and even future predictions.

Not to mention his great curious hobby, which is fighting crocodiles outdoors, who would have this hobby? It had to be Grandma Addams.


who is ugly addams
Image: Reproduction/Ugly Addams

If you've watched Wandinha, you certainly know that the Ugly or Pugsley it's her brother. We can see that he is a smart boy, who is also sinister, quirky, yet sweet, and he serves as a lackey for his sister. This is because he is constantly put in some dangerous situations, not to mention the fact that he is always tortured by the young Addams.

He always has some toys with him, like dynamite and spiders. Not to mention his affinity for dangerous animals, like his octopus. Aristotle.

Wandinha Addams

Who is wandinha addams
Photo: Reproduction/Wandinha Addams

And it's finally time for us to talk about the member of the Addams Family who was and is a tremendous success, Wandinha. And one of the things that draws the most attention to her is her morbid personality, which makes her the most easily recognized character. The young woman rarely smiles, following the meaning behind her English name, wednesday.

There is even a lullaby that originated its name, the children of “wednesday” — “Wednesday”, in literal translation — are pure heartbreak.

Goody Addams

who is goody addams
Image: Playback/Goody Addams

And the time has come for us to finalize this list with members of the Addams Family, where they can mention none other than Goody Addams. She is a new addition to the Addams family and promises to stay in fans' memories for a long time.

And although she is a recently added member, we saw in Wandinha that she is one of the oldest ancestors of the family. She, who has personality traits very similar to Wandinha's, was fundamental to the downfall of Joseph Crackstone, pilgrim from the city of jericho.


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