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Spider-Man 3 x Endgame, Which Movie Will Be Bigger?

Which film will be Marvel's biggest? Spider-Man No Way Home or Avengers: Endgame?

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Spider-Man 3 x Endgame, many MCU fans are already creating this rivalry, but after all, which movie will be more successful in world cinema? Here in Brazil, for example, the Spider-Man Movie No Way Home simply broke the world record for the highest grossing cinema debut.

Remembering that this record belonged to Brazilian Cinema, that is, we can see that the Brazilian public is more engaged with this new film. However, before we proceed, it should be noted that the “Biggest” I am referring to is the box office of world cinemas.

Both movies are amazing and if you haven't been to the cinema and live in a city that has, I recommend you go.

Spider-Man 3 x Endgame, US Box Office

In the United States, Spider-Man No Way Home, which is the new MCU movie, grossed around U$ 253 million domestically in its opening weekend. And that number rises to U$ 587.2 million in the opening weekend of the worldwide market.

In the American market, this is the third highest grossing debut of a movie there in the USA, guess who the first and second place? Ultimatum is the all-time domestic record holder ($357 million), followed by War infinite ($257.6 million), both are the latest Avengers movies released.

Do you know what these three films have in common? Both Endgame and Infinity War and now Spider-Man No Way Home are part of the MCU, or simply, the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

How much is Sony spending to promote No Way Home?

Will Spider-Man 3: No Return Home be a box office record?
Photo: Playback/Spider-Man 3: No Return Home

Due to Sony's high advertising investment, many people were already expected to go to theaters around the world to see this new movie. Sony is spending around U$ 200 million just to promote No Way Home, but still, the return is well above projections.

That is, for the joy of Sony and gives Marvel, this film is having a great financial return and has everything to become a Top 5 of the biggest box office in the world.

Spider-Man 3 x Endgame, Which Movie Will Be Bigger?

Both movies are excellent, I don't see any reason for a fight between Spider-Man 3 fans vs Endgame fans, both are MCU movies. One when it was released, there was a lot of hype because of the devastation Thanos had wrought, everyone wanted to know how it was going to be resolved.

Spider-Man No Way Home is getting more sentimental from its fans, as many things from the past are coming again.

And although it also has the biggest box office, it's still a little early to say that No Way Home will break the world box office record. However, I believe it will get a Top 5 or even 3, we have to wait for the next few weeks or months to find out.

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