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Is there a 9th Planet in the Solar System? Check out!

Is there a planet lost, or worse, hidden by NASA from us?

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Many people believe that there is a 9th planet in the solar system, and those who believe that this story began to circulate in the world a short time ago are wrong, because thousands of years ago, two ancient civilizations well known in the world for their enormous intelligence already they took for granted the existence of Planet Nibiru, or Planet X, but what were these civilizations? You Sumerians it's the Mayan people.

What Did These Civilizations Believe About the 9th Planet and What Is Its Role in the Solar System?

They believed that every 3,600 years, this planet would approach the earth and thus cause some disasters such as volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, tsunamis, earthquakes, asteroid strikes and etc... thus causing the mass extinction of life on our planet, including, according to the Mayans and Sumerians, the moon originated through another collision of Nibiru on Planet Earth a few million years ago.

What Does Science Know About Planet Nibiru? (The Possible Ninth Planet)

Some scientists swear they have proof of the existence of the 9th Planet, and that it is totally rocky and is very distant in the solar system, they also guarantee that this planet is fundamental in the balance of the solar system, having a strong cosmic influence.

There are already those who say no, that this is just speculation and that nothing has yet been found.

Remembering that a solar system scholar guarantees that NASA already knew about the existence of this planet since the 70's, but why would NASA hide the existence of this planet? I honestly don't know, but speculation about the existence of this planet gained strength when some countries like China, Japan, USA and among others sent satellites into the sky without even explaining why.


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