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Amazon Just Opened New Warehouse in SP

Opening promises cheaper and faster deliveries to Brazil!

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Amazon has just opened another new warehouse in Cajamar SP, this warehouse should benefit Prime users in more than 600 cities. Well, if you ever imagined getting your purchase online within two days, Amazon can bring you this benefit.

Of course, it won't be all over the country, you'll only be “lucky” for your orders to arrive in two days if you're a Prime user. Finally, the customers who will have this benefit of receiving their orders from Amazon will be from the South and Southeast regions.

However, those who live in the city of São Paulo already benefit from Amazon's speed of delivery, they arrive in up to a day. Another factor that also impresses positively is the cost of shipping, the customer pays from R$ 12.90, I thought it was cheap, I don't know about you.

New Amazon Warehouse in SP Will Generate Hundreds of Jobs

Amazon just opened three new warehouses in Brazil
Photo: Reproduction/Amazon Warehouse

If there is the creation of a new Amazon Warehouse in Cajamar or in any other cities, there are job openings. Of course, it is not just Amazon that generates jobs in Brazil, far from it, several companies that appear all the time create jobs.

But anyway, this new Amazon Warehouse in Cajamar SP will generate around 450 direct jobs, a good number. It is also worth mentioning that in addition to direct jobs, there are hundreds of indirect jobs, this is super common to happen.

And how did these indirect jobs come about? Many of them will be created by retailers who are Amazon partners who used this warehouse to store their goods, until they sell them. And yet, in case you don't know and are curious to know, most of these shopkeepers are in the South and Southeast regions. However, there are other Amazon partner retailers who are also in Bahia and Pernambuco, so people from these states can end up benefiting as well.

Advantage Points of this New Warehouse

One of the advantages that the creation of this new Amazon Warehouse will bring is the faster delivery of orders. But there are also some other advantages that can and will please both customers and partner merchants of this company.

This new distribution center's main focus is the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) model. Don't worry, I'll explain below how this basically works.

Well, this Fulfillment by Amazon works like this, your business sells and Amazon does everything else, like storing and shipping goods. This new warehouse will allow more and more retailers to sell their products and leave Amazon responsible for storing, packaging and shipping the merchandise to the customer.

Prime subscribers will have free shipping on their purchases, and this is happening thanks to the creation of this new warehouse. Now most likely Amazon Prime will have an increase in its number of subscribers, as everyone wants to have free shipping on their purchases.

Anyway, this new Amazon Warehouse in Cajamar SP will benefit shopkeepers from different cities, customers, will create jobs and etc…


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