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Check Out All New Netflix Releases November 2021

Everything that arrives on Netflix this November, films, series and documentaries.

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Today I come to bring you all the releases of November 2021 that are coming to Netflix, whether movies or series. And yet, it is worth mentioning that at the end of last month, some productions arrived that were already being highly anticipated on the platform.

One of those productions that many Brazilians wanted to see was the second season of the series Sintonia, and guess who spoke a little about this subject? Yes, we here at News Geek have prepared a special article for you, if you are interested in reading it, just click here and check.

As we are in the month of November 2021, it is already kind of obvious that we will have some Christmas content releases on Netflix. However, they are not the majority, there will be several movies and series of other content that are coming to Netflix in this final stretch of 2021.

New Releases Coming in November 2021 on Netflix

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1/11The Santa Family
1/11Aya and the Witch
1/11Millennium: The Girl in the Spider's Web
2/11PO Box 1142: The Secret Camp for Nazis in the USA
2/11Ridley Jones: The Keeper of the Museum
3/11Revenge and Punishment
4/11In the Cola of Assassins
5/11Big Mouth
5/11A Cops Movie
5/11We shouldn't have grown up
5/11Prime Minister's Assassination
5/11A Surprise Match
7/11The Good Old Man is Back
7/11The Last Forest
9/11Your Life is a Joke
9/11Bicho de Sete Cabeças (Brazilian film)
10/11Forever Happiness
11/117 Prisoners (Brazilian production)
11/11Love: Truth or Dare
12/11Red alert
12/11I want
14/11A Story of Love and Fury
15/11Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween
16/11Johnny Teste and the Great Meatloaf Journey
16/11I go crazy
17/11Amor Sem Medida (Brazilian production)
17/11Dotted Leads
17/11Kayko and Kokosh
17/11Tiger Mafia: The Doc Antle Story
18/11The Princess and the Commoner: Villains Love It Too
18/11Sniffing New Worlds
18/11What time does she come back? (Brazilian movie)
19/11love me
19/11Explaining – The Mind
19/11Glazed at Christmas
19/11Pray for the Stolen Women
19/11Tick, Tick… Boom!
19/11Cowboy Bebop
19/11Hell's Prophecy
19/11Flummels: Extinct
20/11New world
23/11Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia
23/11Waffles + Mochi: A Frozen Party
24/11The honest truth
24/11The Sabiá Sabiazinha
24/11A Boy Called Christmas
25/11super crooks
26/11A Castle for Christmas
30/11Get Organized Right

Brazilian Productions Coming to Netflix

As we can see here, in this movie and series releases that are coming now in November 2021 on Netflix we have some Brazilian productions. Among these productions, two draw a lot of attention, since they had been much claimed by the public, and you, do you know which ones I'm talking about? "7 Headed Beast" and "What time does she come back?“.

Anyway, here ends another article of ours, if you liked the content, don't forget to share it on all your Social Networks.


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