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Best math games for mobiles

Want to learn while having fun? So check out this list of apps to learn math in a fun way

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Mathematics is one of the subjects that most amazes many people. This is because the vast majority of them see the calculations with bad eyes. This astonishment is one of the great factors that contributes to the difficulty in their learning.

However, they can count on math games for cell phones to help them overcome this obstacle and learn this subject. This is because they are very educational, as well as great options for training the student's brain. Especially for students looking to pass math in a public tender.

All this can only be obtained thanks to the great technological advances brought, so that users have in the palm of their hand, a tool capable of teaching them. 

Therefore, if you are part of the group of people who have some difficulty understanding mathematics and learning its concepts, then this text is for you. 

In it, we'll talk a little more about the best math games for cell phones, as well as the options available, all designed to support the user when learning this dreaded subject. 

With that, if you want to know more about the topic and be informed about our list, it is recommended to continue this reading and answer all the doubts that arise.

Train your brain – Math

This is a game that tests your thinking, and skills as you perform certain tasks that take time to complete. All skills are trained through addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, power, square root, percentage and many other math operations.

The operation will be done through different games, where you can see your own evolution and see which tasks are the most difficult. 

The game will set up some graphs, you can check these graphs and all their results at any time. As the number of tasks is not very diverse, there are only 16, so you can always count on updates within each task.

math game

This game aims to improve all your math skills. Faced with several challenges, you will notice your progress even in practical day-to-day activities, after all, it goes beyond learning mathematics, in it you will also train your brain.

The game has a ranking and people from all over the world can participate. You can compete for first place with the best score in the game. You can also play some online “battles” with people from all over the world as the game is available in many languages such as Spanish, English, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Mathematics Master

Math Master or Math Master, is a game that will give you some skills to learn math. As an online game, it finally brings children and young people to learning, and integrates fun, games and a competitive spirit. 

The game will show some math skills and other learning methods. Through the master, you can even learn math through puzzles. The master takes your doubts from the content of elementary to high school. Want to improve your math score? Download the game and follow the instructions.


It is an app aimed at children, but with an application for adults as well. It addresses subject content that is taught in the first, second, third and fourth grades. 

What's more, users can also access content for fractions, units of measure, decimal numbers, negative numbers, equations, and various other types of content.

With it, you can still access various types of questions wherever and whenever you want, thanks to the offline functionality that the app has. 

With this, he is able to bring the student to the school even more, given that in all tests the student earns a grade, where he will see all his evolution, as well as have an idea of the areas that he has some difficulty and that need further studies.


This is a game created by teachers and professionals who are linked to education. It is designed mainly for children who are starting their studies and are part of the initial grades of their school. 

Here, we can say that it is a combination of different types of math exercise and activities, given that its focus is to exercise knowledge through the resolution of questions.

It brings interactive and playful activities, which contribute to the growth and learning of its students, as well as facilitating their association with daily activities through exercises.


Here, we have an app created for children who are in the 4th grade of Elementary School. The app has more than 2 thousand activities and exercises, with different types of application, involving mathematics and providing a playful and interactive learning, making the student learn much more easily and fun.

It is considered as the best app on the Play Store by experts. This is all because of the large amount of exercises and activities that the app has.


Here, we have a simple app that offers great functions. Through it, users can learn basic math operations, as well as square root and powers.

This is all done by solving multiple choice questions, where you must choose the value that you believe is the result of that calculation. All this quickly and simply.


Photomath is one of the most popular apps today, and it has several math minigames. In addition, it brings a wide range of exercises so that its users can solve them. 

One of the interesting points that the app has is the possibility of scanning exercises that you have in your notebook to solve them through the app itself. 

In addition, this app also calculates problems and arrives at the result, as well as guides the student to learn how to get there. Furthermore, students do not need to be connected to the internet to use it, as it has the option of offline access. 

Finally, it should be noted that this app is capable of covering all topics related to mathematics, such as statistics, trigonometry, algebra and much more. It is available for both iOS and Android.

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Anyway, these are some of the best math games for Mobile! Did you already know any of them, or rather, do you have any suggestions? So be sure to comment!

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