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Season Two of Tune Now Available on Netflix

Successful Brazilian series returns for second season on Netflix

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After years of waiting, the second season of Tune in, one of the most awaited series on Netflix, has finally arrived. Remembering that Sintonia was the most popular Brazilian series on Netflix in 2019, but it took longer than expected in the continuation.

As we know, in 2020 a huge Pandemic began that affected the lives of the entire world's population, including film productions, series and etc... To refresh your memory, this plot was created by KindZilla, who is a well-known music producer in the world. world of funk.

The first season told a little about the lives of three young friends from the outskirts of São Paulo who follow different paths. One wanted to become a Funk singer, another to be successful in the drug trade and finally we have Rita, who became an evangelical.

Season Two of Tuning Has a Maturity of the Leading Trio

Christian Malheiros, who plays Nando in the first and now second season of Netflix's Tune in, revealed that the series' main trio is more mature than ever. According to him, this didn't just happen because of the delay he had to record the second season, but also because of the Pandemic.

He also added the following line: "It was a melting pot of things that happened and ended up making us deliver a much more solid and coherent second season." Remembering that in the middle of the interview he said that “We can go two years without recording, but when they connect on stage, everything flows”.

Main Highlights of Tune Part 2

tuning part 2
Image: Playback/Tuning – Netflix

As we know, the series revolves around three main characters who have been friends since childhood and grew up together in the Outskirts. And yet, these characters are Doni, Nando and Rita, and as I said before, the three follow different paths.

The first season talked about them going in search of their dreams, while the second shows him living his dreams.

O Doni for example, he fulfills his dream of being a famous funker and sees his music reach the top of the music charts. The series even has the participation of big names in music, such as DJ Alok and Kevinho.

O Nando manages to grow in the drug trade and even becomes the head of a region, ah, his wife gets pregnant again.

already the Rita enters the evangelical world, participates in social actions and lives a romance with the pastor's son.

When did Tune Part 2 arrive on Netflix?

One of the most anticipated Brazilian series on Netflix was the second season of Sintonia, and it finally arrived on the platform. And this happened recently, on October 27, 2021, that is, two days ago (I mean the posting date of this article).

Anyway, I tried to write this article with the utmost care not to release spoilers, now just watch this series on Netflix.

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