Eternals has a premiere date for next month, what to expect?

Eternals Has a Release Date Next Month, What to Expect?

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As we know, the release date of Eternals, the new Marvel movie, will be on November 5th, will we have Kit Harington? Well, I'll tell you right away that the Preview of this movie has already taken place in the United States and many people have already watched it.

One of those people who has already seen this film was the Brazilian “Gil do Vigor”, who became nationally known for participating in the last BBB. He revealed on his Social Media that he was very impressed with this film and its cast, and obviously, in a positive way. Soon comments started to appear from curious people wanting to know more about the film, how it happens and etc, however, he obviously didn't say anything.

Will The Eternals Release Date Change?

We recently posted here on News Geek that some Marvel movies had their release date changed, but is the Eternals on this list? You can rest easy or calm because the hammer has been beaten, the Eternals will actually debut on November 5, 2021.

The movies that had their release date modified were the ones that arrived now in the year 2022, in short, the Eternals is from 2021. In case you're curious to know, the movies that had their dates modified were Doctor Strange 2, black panther 2, Thor 4 and the marvels.

Only one of these four films changed the release year from 2022 to 2023, and I'm talking about The Marvels. Anyway, if you want to know more information about this subject, just click here, because I prepared a special article for you.

Kit Harington's Role in The Eternals

Possible role of Kit Harington in The Eternals
Black Knight – Ned Stark

I don't know if you already know him, but Kit Harington is a British actor who became world-renowned through the Game Of Thrones series. He played Jon Snow, who grew up as a bastard son of Ned Stark, but later found out he was actually one of the heirs to the Iron Throne.

Apparently, after November 5th, which is the release date of The Eternals, we will also meet Kit Harington as black knight. The Black Knight will possibly be Kit Harington's role in this movie, but it's worth remembering that Marvel can fool us.

Opinions from those who have seen the movie

It's normal to always have a closed pre-release before the release of a particular film, be it from any studio. And yet, with Marvel's The Eternals it was no different, many people have already watched it and given their opinion about it.

Of course, these were spoiler-free opinions, most of them talking about the personal impression these people got from watching. Of these comments, there were two that caught my attention the most, they were “The Most Different Marvel Movie” and “The Post-Credit Scene Will Change Everything”.

These comments caught my attention the most because we can see that we are facing a Marvel movie that is completely different from the ones we have already seen. And there was also the comment about the Post-Credits Scene, we could be facing a hook that will reveal to us many amazing things that are coming throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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