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Exclusive: Jack Sparrow Project in Development Without Johnny Depp

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is one of Disney's most beloved, but recently, the film has been moving forward without Johnny Depp.

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Although disney own several films for the future of the Pirates stories, and with one of them with Margot Robbie. However, to date, some new reports have started to emerge and with that, where Disney may be planning not to mention Jack Sparrow's whereabouts in these projects. And well, while that may be true, they probably won't discount the character completely, as the actor's fame can come to interfere with the character. Reliable sources said that Disney is now developing a Jack Sparrow solo project. This project will not include Johnny Depp.

However, we know that this is a bold move by Disney. After all, we know the public has a favorite with Johnny Depp being Jack Sparrow. Keeping that in mind, and also with reliable sources, where the new project tends to be a solo one. That is, with that Jack Sparrow tends to be at the center of this story. Plus, there's also the fact that it's clear that Depp isn't involved. This makes it difficult to confirm what the plot will be like.

Project Jack Sparrow with another actor?!

But in the end, are audiences ready to see Jack Sparrow played by another actor? And is there another actor brave enough to take on the famous Disney role? Since Johnny Depp played the character in such a distinctive way that anyone else who takes on the role will have quite a challenge.

We know the studio must be aware of the situation and although cancel culture has changed the entire course of Johnny Depp's career and led to Disney no longer working with the actor. The audience also doesn't want to see someone else taking on the role of Jack. With that, we can think of two possible ways for the Jack Sparrow project to approach this.

In this case, an example might be an origin story focused on a little young Jack Sparrow. And of course, this can make the presence of a new actor less disruptive for the audience, opening up new possibilities. A second alternative is the possibility of a new animated project.

Origin story for Sparrow

However, should Disney tackle a new origin story for Jack Sparrow, they may also be able to write the young character in a way where it is credible that he doesn't have the exact same behaviors and mannerisms that Johnny Depp's character is known for. . As a young Jack Sparrow will not have developed his unique features yet. However, part of the captain's fun has always been his off-the-wall demeanor that there is an air of mystery around him. But, what happened in Jack's life to be the amazing and diverse character we know? Well, maybe Johnny Depp may have developed his own personal experience within the character. However, for the audience, this mystery was part of what made his actions unpredictable, and therefore fun and funny.

But, we know that if an animated project happens, it could mean a movie or a new series for Disney+ focusing on the adventures of Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp's voice is quite recognizable as the captain, but there could still be plenty of room for writers and voice actors to play with the character in this format. Audiences can forgive more with animation.

Also, the public has loved Jack Sparrow for many years. So obviously it's asking a lot of the public to accept Jack without Johnny Depp. Will they be able to accept a Jack Sparrow played by someone else? Disney will try. It will be interesting to see which approach they choose.

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