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Fan makes amazing Deku cosplay in My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya's life cosplayer with fantastic cosplay!

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My Hero Academia is actually going to Plus Ultra with some super Deku (Izuku Midoriya) cosplay. Looking back at the series as a whole. It's amazing to see how much things have changed since series creator Kohei Horikoshi kicked off the series in the pages of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine years ago.

Not only has the series celebrated some major manga milestones, but the anime is constantly taking over. Just as it recently hit its own five-year anniversary. But it wouldn't be much if Izuku Midoriya himself hadn't grown up so much back then.

Fans saw how the series began with an Izuku who was not only physically weak, but weaker in spirit, as well as having a desire to be a hero but not having the conscious effort to do so. It was when his body began to move on its own that he realized that deep down he couldn't suppress his true nature, and that launched him on the wild journey we've seen unfold. It's that heroic nature that fans of the series love to see, and that nature that was perfectly captured through some amazing cosplays by artist @beccasupreme on Instagram! Check it out below:

Deku Cosplay – My Hero Academia

Izuku midoriya cosplay
Instagram: Beccasupreme

The series began with what appeared to be an older Izuku telling the story of his past and how he became the world's greatest hero, but we only know that the real future begins to settle in with the Final Act of the series.

The sixth season of the anime is approaching that point, just as the fifth season has served as the necessary build for what is to come, as both the heroes and villain sides clash in a great war that changes the trajectory of the series. .

It's so revolutionary, in fact, that the war then kicks off the Final Act of the series in its aftermath, as the world for Izuku clearly will never be the same again. It will be his true test of heroism from this point on, and it will be the true test of why he started this heroic journey in the first place.

But what did you think of Izuku's journey so far? Let us know all your thoughts on Deku's journey and predictions for his future in the comments!

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