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Funimation: Which anime of the season will be dubbed

Do you prefer dubbed over subtitled? Check out the list of animes of the season that Funimation will broadcast with dubbing

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THE funimation revealed through its schedules grid what will be your animes of this current season that will win "simultaneous" dubs, the so-called simul-dubs. Which are nothing more than animes that are being released, and receiving dubbing, but sometimes with only 2-3 episodes of difference, the dubbing doesn't come out on the same day as the subtitled.

In its schedule, Funi not only revealed which animes from the Fall 2021 season will receive the dubs, but also the day the episodes will be released. Some were already expected to receive dubbing, after all they received it in their first season/part.

Voiceovers announced by Funimation

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Part 2)

The direct continuation of Mushoku Tensei, anime that was divided into two parts. It is another anime of the Isekai genre, which follows Rudeus Greyrat who died in his world (real world), and was reborn in a new world with his memories intact where he takes the opportunity to have a new life, different from the great failure of previous.

The first half of the anime already had a dub at Funimation, so this was a dub already expected by fans. Mushoku Tensei is the only anime of the season that is a continuation that will receive a dub. All the others are firsts.

The Dubbing premiered on October 24 on Funimation.

Irina – The Vampire Cosmonaut

In a society where vampires exist, a vampire submits to be a guinea pig for a trip to space. But what makes her submit to it? your love of space! In their world, two super powers are in a space race, where they will do everything to be the big winner.

The Dubbing premiered on October 24 on Funimation.


What would you do if you suddenly started seeing ghosts and hauntings? And do you have to pretend at all costs that you're not seeing her so she doesn't interact with you? This is what Mieruko-chan is all about, a high school student who has the power to see hauntings and ghosts, but who tries not to interact with them in any way to try to maintain a "normal" life and avoid further problems.

The Dubbing premiered on October 24 on Funimation.

The Vampire Dies in no Time

The story follows Dralc, a feared vampire, who is pursued by a hunter after the disappearance of a child. But when he arrives at his castle, he discovers that the much-feared vampire is not at all what they say, but that he used the rumors created, and did not dispel them. After a series of events unfolds, his castle explodes, so he decides to move in and work with the hunter.

Dubbing premiered on October 25th on Funimation

Banished from Hero's Party

The story follows Red, an adventurer of excellent qualities, but who ended up being rejected, banished, from the heroine group (which is also his sister). This is all because of their qualities not advancing, and having been considered as a delay for the group. Excluded from the group, he starts to live a peaceful life in the rural area where he meets an old companion.

The Dubbing arrives on October 27 at Funimation.

Ranking of Kings

Prince Bojji is a deaf boy with no sword skills. But he has great hope for the future, and so he's going on an adventure with the goal of becoming the greatest king this universe has ever seen!

Dubbing still doesn't have a set date to arrive on the platform, but it had been previously announced.

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