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Black Adam: Origin, Powers and Their Weaknesses!

Black Adam is coming to theaters, learn a little more about one of DC's best-known antiheroes

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Black Adam is Shazam's greatest rival in the comics, and this rivalry is coming to theaters! See what the origin of the character Black Adam is, what his powers and weaknesses are.

The first teaser for the live-action Black Adam movie has finally been released to fans. It's been more than 5 years waiting for information about the film, where the long-awaited The Rock will bring the character to life. The teaser made it more than clear that it was worth the wait, and that he's more than ready to get his hands on Superman and Shazam!

The Origin of Black Adam

In the comics, the character was created in 1945 by the writing duo of Otto Binder and illustrator CC Beck. both also responsible for creating the character Shazam, who has a lot of relationship with him. His powers and where they come from are similar to Billy Batson's (Shazam), but with pantheon differences. Both characters received their powers from the same mage, called Shazam. But Adam received them still in ancient Egypt, and their powers are related to the Gods of Egypt. (See powers in the next topic) Whereas Billy, received powers from Greek gods.

Teth Adam was the son of Pharaoh Ramesses II, and was the first "champion" of the wizard Shazam, that is, the first to receive his gift. After receiving it, he became known as "Mighty Adam", but he let the power corrupt him, and began to use it for his own benefit after disillusionment. The Mighty Adam, who until then was a great defender of the Egyptian people, began a quest for power, even killing his father, and being feared throughout the country, where he began to be called Black Adam.

In fact he possesses great power to the point that the wizard Shazam himself could not defeat him, so to deal with him Shazam banished him to a distant star, from which he returned flying at the speed of Light after 5000 years without aging, finding the new one. Shazam champion.

Your Powers

black adam | image: dc comics reproduction
Black Adam | Image: Reproduction DC Comics

As stated in the origin of the character, his powers, different from those of Billy Batson, do not come from the gods of the Greek pantheon, but from the Egyptian. The blessings, and the gods that give Black Adam powers are:

  • shu: Stamina and Stamina, enough to give you energy to withstand intense battles.
  • Horus: super speed, capable of flying at incredible speeds, in a vacuum at the speed of Light.
  • THEmon: super strength, he can lift tons with ease.
  • ZEhuti: Wisdom A brilliant strategist, his wisdom comes from a kind of advice in his mind.
  • THEton: power, the source that powers all your power and your rays.
  • Mehen: courage, fear no enemy other than granting regenerative powers. .

As you can see above, something interesting is that even if the gods are different, still, the initials of their names make an anagram for Shazam. The name of the Wizard who gave Adam and Billy the powers. With Adam it is no different to access the Mage's powers, he needs to pronounce his name: "Shazam".

His combined powers are capable of making him a formidable opponent for several characters from the publisher. In addition to being believed that they grant him immortality and longevity, after all, he has been transformed for over 5000 years without suffering any apparent effects of old age.


Black Adam literally owns the “super pack”, the basic skill pack of every super character. Added to a few other abilities that come in the “package”, it's conceivable that he doesn't have any weaknesses. But he has two weaknesses, one very fragile and simple, and another that requires a lot from his opponent.

Magic, a weakness of his is related to magic, but as he is a magical character, not everyone can clash with him. It takes very powerful magic like Doctor Fate's.

Electricity, if a large electrical blast is launched at him, he may end up reverting to his human form.

Your voice, his biggest weakness is exactly his voice. After all, it takes her to access her powers. If your opponent manages to get you to say “Shazam”, he will revert to his human form, where the greatest danger is. If in his human form he is unable to use his voice, he will never have access to the powers that make him Black Adam. This weakness was already used by the mage Shazam himself, who persuaded him to say the words, and then cut his vocal cords, rendering him mute.

Is Black Adam a Hero, Villain or Anti-Hero?

There is a big difference in calling a character a Hero, Villain or Anti-Hero. As much as the new movie that will arrive soon, many are referring to him as a Hero, is he really a hero?

As much as their stories often revolve around all their cruelty, including their origins... Black Adam has had his heroic moments being a hero for Egypt. However, it can all be a matter of point of view.

In an interview, The Rock argued that Black Adam is more about an Anti-Hero, that he is heroic, but does things his own way. In some moments he can end up being portrayed and having Anti-Hero actions. Now it remains to be seen how it will play out in theaters!

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At the movies

Black Adam will finally receive a movie adaptation, lived by the star Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. After many years of waiting, and in the hope of fans of this adaptation, finally getting out of paper. Production is well underway, and the film is about to hit theaters.

During the events of DC's DC Fandome, a brief teaser was released. This is the first glimpse of what to expect from the film. Check it out below:

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