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Find lost cell phone just by clapping

Find your cell phone just by clapping your hands! Find out how this is possible through applications.

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Finding a cell phone that you lost inside the bedroom or in another room in the house is sometimes a desperate task. After all, the cell phone has become as precious as your life, losing it would be a tragedy.

But luckily today we are going to talk about a tool that will help you find your cell phone easily. Check out everything about the app Applaud to Find My Phone.

Clap to Find My Phone

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Clap To Find My Phone is a completely free app as it allows you to find your device just by clapping your hands. This app is very useful when you forget where you put your phone.

In addition, it offers other features such as: notification alert, SMS alert, battery level alert, call announcer, call blocking and others. as well as the feature Do not touch, it immediately informs you when someone touches your phone.

Therefore, this tool is very useful for when you are using public transport or are in a place with many people. After all, bad people take advantage of the crowd to steal cell phones.

application tools

  • Find lost cell phone just by clapping
  • Select any ringtone to find your phone
  • Set the battery level to receive a notification to recharge.
  • Call name announcer system
  • Speak all your SMS content out loud
  • Set the tone of speech
  • More security settings for phone protection

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How to find cell phone by clapping?

Firstly download the app “clap to find my phone. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Click the “Find My Phone” button to enable this feature.
  2. Enable the toggle button. Now you can use this feature.
  3. You can adjust sound frequency, notification and flash speed in “Setting”
  4. ”Select Tone” to set the desired tone.
  5. The frequency/sensitivity is based on the environment to detect your phone, which you can set from 1 to 10.
  6. You can enable/disable flash or set interval time to vary from 50ms to 1500ms
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Other apps to find cell phone

However, if you want to try other apps that also have this lost cell phone function, you can try one of these below.

First we have the Find My Device. It is also free and allows you to locate more than one device for example. It works as follows, the App emits a signal at a distance that allows you to find the cell phone.

Secondly Lost Android by activating the application you can erase your data from memory. Or turn on the alarm that keeps ringing nonstop until you find it and deactivate it. It also takes photos on the front and back cameras in an attempt to identify the person who took your device.

which is a little simpler, but works very well for those who want to find their lost cell phone. It finds your cell phone via GPS. Another of its functions is to issue an alert that your cell phone has been stolen and everyone around will know.

Do you know another app to find lost cell phone? So tell us in the comments.

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