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The 100 Season Six Arrives on Netflix

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The fans' wait for the sixth season of this incredible saga called the 100 is finally over, this new season is now available on Netflix. As we all know, The saga began with a season that no one would have imagined would turn into this interplanetary saga.

The first season began by telling the story of a group of 100 people who lived on a space station, these 100 people were sent for the simple fact that they were "young delinquents", the earth was uninhabitable until then and these 100 young people served that kind of a "bait" for the space station's superiors to know if the earth was already habitable.

What happens in Season 6 of The 100?

As we saw in season five, the young people discovered that the land had unfortunately become 100% uninhabitable. Monty managed to locate a habitable planet and season five ended with Clark and Bellamy's group arriving at this new plant.

Well, as you can already imagine, they landed on this planet, you know what they found there? That that planet was already inhabited by humans.

Strange Events Begin to Happen on This New Planet

Upon landing on the planet, the young people discover that there is a certain storm that leaves people with hallucinations and one wanting to kill the other. After making it through this storm, the young people meet other people who until then seemed to be good people.

Well, these people who inhabited this planet were not good people at all, just like everywhere else, some were even good people. Who really didn't have good intentions was the first family that arrived on that planet, they discovered a way to have eternal lives using other people's bodies.

How do you use other people's bodies? As you may already know, in the series there is a blood type called “dark blood”, whoever has this blood can receive a kind of chip in their neck. This blood type was already present in the population that was on this planet, its leaders created a chip that keeps all their memories. This chip can only be implanted in those who are born with dark blood, this family used the good intentions of people who were born with this dark blood to possess this body and thus always remain among the living.

Only this blood is a rare blood type and there were no more people on this planet with this blood. As we all know, Clark and his mother learned to manufacture this blood type and upon discovering this, a great war begins between Clark's group and the leaders of this planet.

Anyway, this was a brief summary of what happens in the sixth season of the 100, which is now available on Netflix.

I'm already looking forward to the arrival of the seventh season of this series.

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