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Overwatch Anniversary: Check Event details.

Anniversary event unique opportunity to get that desired event skin in Overwatch

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Speak gamers, all beauty? In 2020 Overwatch celebrates 4 years, and to celebrate we have the anniversary event that started on May 19th and lasted until June 9th.

What's New in the Overwatch 2020 Anniversary Event

In order to celebrate the anniversary of Overwatch, new cosmetics have been added, some obtained through weekly challenges, and Skins that can either be earned through event boxes or purchased with credits.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges are routine in Overwatch events, so it would be no different for the anniversary ones. With a total of 3 weeks of challenges, that way each week with different rewards. To fulfill the challenges just win matches in Quick Play, Arcade or Competitive mode. The rewards therefore come from winning 3, 6 and 9 matches during the week.

1st week: The first week rewards will be from the tank champion Sigma. During the 19th to the 26th of May, by winning 3 matches the player acquires the player icon Sigma Carbon Fiber, 6 wins o Spray of Sigma Fiber Carbon and the main reward of the week, when conquering 9 victories during the week the player earns the Sigma's Epic Carbon Fiber Skin.

Overwatch Anniversary: See event details. - overwatch birthday event 1 week
[Player/Skin/Spray icon]

2nd week: Same as week one, with difference in rewards and champion in focus. this time the windowmaker, during the 26th of May until the 2nd of June. With 3 wins the Player Icon, 6 the Spay and with 9 the Epic Skin of Windowmaker Fleur de Lis (the 3 rewards refer to the Window Fleur de Lis):

Overwatch Anniversary: See event details. - overwatch 2 week anniversary event
[Player/Skin/Spray icon]

3rd week: The focus of the third week awards are on the champion Cassidy. Like the previous ones, during the last week of the event, from June 02 to 09, the player will acquire the Player Icon, Sticker and Epic Skin when winning 3, 6 and 9 matches. Masked Cassidy.

Overwatch Anniversary: See event details. - overwatch 3 week anniversary event
[Player/Skin/Spray icon]

Item Boxes

Through the item boxes, which were acquired during the event, the player will also be able to win new Skins, emotes and featured presentations… All awards from the anniversary events will also be available (except for challenges). The new Skins are as follows

Champion Tank Wrecking Ball, I get a new legendary skin (based on HP Lovecraft stories!?), which can be acquired with drop chance, in Loot Boxes, but can also be obtained by buying with credits (3000).

Mercy also got a new legendary skin like this, with a humanoid form of a Dragon.

Another healer to gain a new legendary skin was Zenyatta. A skin that in fact resembles the appearance of the Zandalari Trolls from World Of Warcraft, mmorpg also belonging to Blizzard.

Ashe gets a skin based on Little Red Riding Hood's fairy tales, with BOB being the "Bad Wolf", so also legendary.

While it is generally a little difficult to earn legendary skins, Blizzard will give you a box containing a legendary skin on first login during the event. Other Events: In addition to the birthday rewards, it's also a good opportunity for players to pick up those skins they missed from past events! That's because, the Skins of ALL events are available to buy with credits, both birthday, halloween, etc.

For more details about the event and the game, check out the site of Overwatch on the Anniversary tab.

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