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Time Skip in Boku no Hero! After all, did it happen or not?!

Maybe not in the way many wanted, but it happened!

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We recently had chapter 308 of Boku no hero Academia, but there's something everyone is wondering! After all, did you have a time skip in Boku no Hero or not?! Something that every Boku no Hero Academia fan wanted is the famous time skip! Even because the anxiety of seeing our dear heroes acting with more maturity and a more adult look, cheers everyone up!

But apparently, it wasn't what most of the public expected. Also, the time jump we saw was just a few months when April arrives, (The school year in Japan starts in April). At the beginning of chapter 308, we have the title, "It's been a long time", and in that it animated a good part, as I did, when starting the chapter that emotion when starting and seeing our young heroes stronger and more mature. Yeah, but that was at will, because the Kōhei Horikoshi just toyed with the audience.

The chapter also features a very famous villain who left marks on our dear Midoriya! And yes, I'm talking about him, the muscular villain, the one who pushed Deku to the extreme and left us the mark of an incredible “Smash to 1,000,000,000%”. In addition, we also have Deku's meeting after leaving school and Muscular, which is even now known as "Bloody".

Therefore, the chapter ends with the meeting of Deku and Muscular. Also, we are about to see a rematch of this fight, but you should already have an idea of how it will end, and of course, we will see the victory of our dear Deku. After all, the young man now tends to have control of all of One For All, due to conversation with his predecessors.

Time Skip in Boku no Hero? What's been going on in the last few chapters?

Deku vs Muscle | My Hero Academia – Youtube

Now, we will probably have a little spoiler, unless you want to know what's going on in the manga, I suggest you don't continue. Then, as everyone knows, the leader of the villains' union has awakened as the near-perfect form of evil incarnate! Furthermore, Shigaraki now has his skill mastered to the max (decay), meaning he can now literally disintegrate an entire city with just one touch!

But, now imagine that power evolved to such a point, with the body enhanced with physical strength equivalent to some 70% of One For All's strength, and the power of All for one in one person! That's what Shigaraki is now, but he's still not in a "perfect" state, because like Midoriya, Shigaraki's body doesn't support all the power yet.

And that's where we'll focus, with the onslaught of heroes about to invade the league of villains before Shigaraki awakens 100%. With the whole plot developing, we reach a point where we have the combat between Midoriya and Shigaraki, where Deku awakens two more individualities in the fight against the leader of the league of villains.

With the "Danger Sense" and "Float" Quirks, Deku manages to save himself and the troupe and take the Shigaraki into the air. And my friends, what a scene! We can see Deku literally give his all as usual, unafraid to take a risk to save those close to him. Also, I won't go into the fight details too much, because then you can enjoy everything in the manga if you haven't read it yet, or wait for the anime.

After the fight and Time Skip?!

After the fight between heroes and villains is over, the world of Boku no Hero is no longer the same. Now we have a society divided between those few who still believe in the heroes and are under their protection, and those who are no longer under their protection acting on their own, a true chaos has been established in the society.

Yeah, now we're back to that delicate moment again! Where a lot of team skipe expected in Boku no Hero, but that's not what we had, but what can we expect now? Since after the fight between Deku and Shigaraki, Midoriya was in a coma state! But at the same time, he was conscious of the One For All successor plan.

Also, after the conversation with the predecessors, and a small passage in time, we see Deku vs Muscular again, in an epic return!

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