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5 Fantastic Facts About Spain

Discover incredible facts about Spain.

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As is our custom, we always appear here to talk about some specific countries, and today it's Spain's turn. This country has great teams in world football, like Real Madrid, who had the Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona which had the Messi.

Speaking of Barcelona, he is a team from Catalonia, which is a region that is in the northeast of Spain. And yet, this region has a certain conflict with the rest of the country and has always been appearing in the world news because it is trying to get independence.

I don't know if you know, but Spain is a European country that shares a border with two countries, Portugal and France. Its population is 47.3M people, for comparison, the State of São Paulo has around 46.5M. In other words, Spain as a country has almost the same population as São Paulo, the most populous state in Brazil.

5: The National Anthem Has No Lyrics

The national anthem of spain has no lyrics, curiosities about the country
See, 5 Fantastic Facts About Spain

In the world, only four countries do not have any lyrics in their national anthem, and guess what, Spain is one of them. And yet, in case you're curious or curious, the other three countries are the Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and San Marino.

The Spanish National Anthem was composed as a Military March and this fact occurred in 1761 by Manuel de Espinosa de los Monteros.

4: European Country with the Most Bars in the World

European country with the most bars in the world
Check it out, 5 Fantastic Facts About Spain

If you're older, like a beer and are thinking about visiting some European countries, go to Spain. To give you an idea of the number of Bars in Spain, they represent approximately 15% of the country's GDP.

Of the curiosities about Spain mentioned so far, this is probably the most little known among us Brazilians and other South American countries.

3: There are 16 Languages Spoken There

There are 16 languages spoken in Spain
See, 5 Fantastic Facts About Spain

Castellano/Spanish is the official language spoken in Spain, however, there are 15 other co-official or unofficial languages there. That are spoken according to the cultural diversity of the regions, we can see that here we have a very linguistically varied country.

Anyway, these 16 different languages (official and unofficial) are spoken in the Iberian Peninsula and in the 11 islands, which are an important part of the country.

2: the tomato war

The tomato war, facts about Spain
Check it out, 5 Fantastic Facts About Spain

The Tomato War is a Spanish tradition that possibly started in the year 1945, but no one knows for sure. However, the only thing we know is that this event that lasts for about a week is the biggest food fight in the world.

It may sound crazy, but about 30 tons of tomatoes are used as ammunition in these 7 days of “War” there in Spain.

1: Two Kisses When Greeting

Two kisses when greeting, curiosities from Spain
See, 5 Fantastic Facts About Spain

Here in Brazil, usually when we greet each other with a kiss on the cheek with a close acquaintance, this happens only once. However, in Spain it is different, usually when a greeting happens between two acquaintances, two kisses will be needed.

While there are countries in the world that find a kiss on the cheek as a form of greeting strange, in Spain what is considered normal is two lol. I bet anyone that maybe this is one of the curiosities about Spain that maybe you didn't know about, am I right?

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